With the car being a mainstay in our lives. Our cars are used almost on a daily basis. On average an American drive around 13,476 miles per year. This means that throughout the year your car is subject to a lot of abuse during the year. With the rigors of daily driving, the parts of cars are susceptible to wear and tear.

This is why car care should be a top priority for every car owner. However, car owners tend to skip or ignore regular maintenance and repairs which is detrimental to the car’s health. Here we will talk about why car care is important for your car. Quality car care isn’t a hard thing to do but is easy to forget about. If you keep ignoring maintenance then eventually your car will break down.

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You should know if your car makes noises or clanks or random rumbling or grinding sounds then you have a problem. A good engine should only have a soothing hum and nothing else. If the engine of your car isn’t efficient then it means that it is burning more oil which in turn can cause engine damage. There are many downsides to ignoring basic car care.

If you keep ignoring then your car could have shortened life and the repairs will eventually get costly. Efficiency will go down this will ultimately bring down the resale value. Putting off maintenance will also allow oil sludge to buildup in the engine. All these together can eventually cause a total mechanical failure which is a pretty damning outcome. Try to read some online auto blogs for the basic car hacks you should know to avoid complex problems.

So you know it's bad to ignore your car’s maintenance schedule but when do you take it to the mechanic? Obviously you don’t have to take your car to the repair shop every Sunday. You don’t have to take it every month for its regular checkup. The ideal metric for this is every 10-12 thousand miles or every 12 months.

Often times I hear people say that they just don’t have enough time to take the car to the mechanic. But what they fail to comprehend in this situation is the fact that if the car breaks down due to negligence the cost becomes immense. If your car’s engine breaks down and you need to re-power the car with a new one then it would cost you around 20% of a new car’s price.

That’s a huge expenditure on an old car. This is why you need to look for and listen to what your car is trying to tell you. What do I mean by listening to your car? Well, it means looking at the potential warning signs. One of the common warning signs that your car will give you is lower braking capacity. This means that your car’s brakes are worn out.

Other warning signs may include warning lights, strange noises, problems with starting the engine, leaks, leaning steering and rattling of the car when accelerating. There are other different things you should look for is the loss of power when you want to accelerate the car and sudden surges in the engine’s speed.

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Keeping an eye out for these things will let you keep the bills down and also extend the lifespan of the car. These simple things can be taken care of with the regular maintenance schedule. You will be able to find it in your car’s owner manual or you can ask an expert about what sort of schedule to keep. However, the general consensus of the community is 30-60-90K maintenance. This is also known as the factory maintenance schedule.

Often times manufacturers will provide you with this maintenance schedule and missing the checkup may void some warranties. Not only from a manufacturer’s point of view this maintenance is important for you as well. This is because within every 30k many of the important auto parts will be worn out. And if you keep on ignoring those small niggling symptoms it will as I said before cause a breakdown of important systems. Now you may be wondering what does this sort of maintenance involves?

Well, the regular checkups include replacing spark plugs and wires. Also checking and replacing filters and checking fluid levels and contamination. A tire check should also be a priority along with oil change. Timing belt inspection and brake servicing are two of the major part of this change. Make sure your mechanic is someone you trust or from a top nearest auto parts store.

With a trustworthy mechanic, you will be notified about any impending failures and problems and you will be asked about the replacements you want to be done. As a rule of thumb remember that the higher the mileage the more likely they need to be replaced. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the repair maintenance schedule. Now there is no reason for you to go to the dealership to get the maintenance repairs and replacements done. Try to get discount auto parts from online if you need any.

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You can easily go to a certified mechanic and have them do the repair or replacement for you. You can simply buy the auto parts you need from any online auto parts stores and send it to your mechanic so that they can do the replacement. On top of that, the AutopartsZ app can help you find the best car repair shop near you as well. So with that being said, I will draw the conclusion to this discussion.

Remember this is a very important part of vehicle safety so maintain regular checkups. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the content and send us your thoughts and suggestions about what you would like to see more. This way we will be able to tailor the content more to your liking. Until next time, Adios!