So you are looking to buy a used car. And the previous owner has provided you with everything. The car looks good and feels good too. But looks can be deceiving. You don’t really know what the car has been through during its life prior to being on the market.

So how do you know if the car you are getting is good and is perfect for you? That’s when the vehicle history reports come in. So what is a motor vehicle history report you ask? Well, it is a report made by a local motor agency where all the history of the car has been compiled and is represented in one report.

what is a motor vehicle report

There you will be able to see the basic information obviously but also information like insurance records, the repair records, and any other car info that is important when making a purchase decision on a car.  

You can either get them from a local road authority agency or from special car info apps like AutopartsZ who aim to make people’s automotive experience simpler. So now that you know what the motor vehicle report is let’s dive into why it is important.

State Of The Title Report

The title report is the document that shows the owner and other important information about the car. This is is very much needed to verify and validate the title. This is a vital process as it prevents fraud and theft.

Brand Information

Brands are basically descriptive labels given to a car by state motor titling agencies. These are used to provide statuses to cars like junk," "salvage," and "flood." depending on its past history. A motor vehicle report shows the information on the brands that have been applied to the car over time. This is vital for any prospective buyer as it informs them about any damages to the vehicle that may not have been disclosed at the time of the sales display.

This gives the real picture of what the car really is. With the brand information from motor vehicle reports, you will be able to find out the vehicle accident report, inspection report, condition report, and damage report, etc. So that you can make a properly informed decision on whether to buy the car or not.

Odometer Reading

Odometer reading shows you whether the price listed is over market value or not. It also helps potential buyers to identify discrepancies in the vehicle’s history.

This, in turn, helps them understand whether the car is a safe investment or not. This way consumers don’t get duped out of their money by buying an overp[riced unsafe car.

Total Loss Information

So total loss is a brand that shows that the car has severe damage. This ensures that potential future customers don’t get misinformed when making the prospecting the car.

A car that has been deemed as a total loss is usually considered an unsafe vehicle. So this information is vital and can be found in the MVR of the car.

Salvage Information

Salvage report is a type of damage report very much like a total loss report. This eludes to whether the car was severely damaged before or not.

This is vital information for prospective buyers who are looking to buy the car. With the addition of salvage information within the motor vehicle report, the consumers are able to determine whether they are buying a safe car or not.

Getting Instant MVR

There you go, this is what you needed to know about vehicle history reports. Hopefully, this answers your question of “what is a motor vehicle history report?”. Nowadays it is fairly easy to get the MVR and you can do it simply by scanning the VIN of any car.

Our AutopartsZ app will provide you instant MVR reports of any car. While the basic report is free but the full detailed report will cost you a measly 5.99 dollars. The report will look like this-

vehicle inspection report

There are other websites that offer this service and companies like Autocheck start their pricing at 10 dollars minimum.

Please let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to your input. This allows us to better understand your requirements so that we can be of better service. Till next time, See Ya!