So you are buying a used car. Before buying you most definitely should get a vehicle history report or an MVR. This is because you need to asses all the factors before making this decision as cars are an important aspect of our lives.

Now you don’t have time to apply to the local road authorities or the DMV and wait for 90 days to get a report you need it as soon as possible. So what do you do? You get a vehicle history report by VIN. It is also known as a VIN check it informs people about the car’s past and lets the potential customer know vital information that is imperative in making a purchase decision.

vehicle history report by vin

Things like accident reports, damage reports, recalls, the current odometer reading and title check information can be found on it. So as you can see it is an important aspect for the buyer. There are apps that provide the service as well.

Car info apps will provide you with a vehicle history report detailing all the important information. So what will you see in the vehicle history report? Well, the following passages will showcase all the important aspects of it. So let’s get into it without delay.

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Ownership Information

When buying a car then you should know who owned the vehicle before you and how many hands has it passed through.

If you see that there have been several owners in the past then there is ample reason to suspect that car may have problems.

Accident Reports

So if you see that a car had multiple collisions and hits in the past will you buy it? Most probably “No” right? This is why damage reports are important and you will get the report within the vehicle history reports.

It can obviously also inform you that it no accidents which would be great news considering it is a second-hand car. Also, you will be able to see if the airbags have been ever deployed in this car as well.

Damage Reports

This is an important part of the checkup that you need. You can find it in the vehicle history report or MVR.

You should know if the car you are prospecting has been subjected to natural disasters like fires and floods as that can have long-lasting effects on the car’s engine.

Total Loss/Salvage Reports

If a car has been deemed a total loss then it means that it may be fatal to drive it as it cannot have road fitness. However, if it has been salvaged then you may be able to drive the car.

But as you can see these are valuable information you need before you buy a car. These can be found in the vehicle history report by VIN check.

Title Status And Lien Check

You can get a title and lien check for the car with vehicle history reports. So why would you need to know that? Well, a lien will show you whether or not the car is fully owned by the person selling the car.

Usually, a lien should not appear if you are buying from a reputable buyer and if you are buying from a private sale and it comes up then alarm bells should ring so you should get that sorted out.

Maintenance Reports

You should most definitely know this because it would show you how many times and what type of repairs have been done to the car.

You will be able to know how often and when to schedule the next appointment as well. Along with that, it can play a part in price negotiations with the seller.

Recall Report

So if the car has been recalled then it means it had some problem with it. Also if it is on the road then the question arises was that problem solved?

Well, the recall report can be found in the vehicle history report you can get by scanning the VIN with the AutopartsZ app or inputting the VIN in AutopartsZ, the auto parts website.

Odometer Reading Check

The odometer reading is a very important aspect as it shows you how much mileage the car has covered.

On top of that, the vehicle history shows if the mileage of the car has been tampered with. This gives you a clear upper hand in negotiations when taking with the car owner.

Emission Test Results

This is for people who live in cities that require cars to pass smog checks. If the car has previously failed in emission tests then this usually means that there needs to repairs done which could turn into a costly endeavor. And this is why you do need to check the vehicle history reports.

Stolen Vehicle Checks

You need to know that the car you are buying is not illegal. This information will show up in the vehicle history report that you can easily get through the VIN check.

If it was stolen then it will show p in the reports, if it was stolen and then returned that as well will show up in the report. So you need to check this information before you decide on buying a car.

check car title by vin
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Get The MVR Before Making A Decision

As you can see that there are a lot of reasons you should get a vehicle history report before buying a car. This will allow you to make an informed decision and help you negotiate a price for the car.

The AutopartsZ app is one of the best cost-effective options to get vehicle history reports by VIN scanning. You can easily get the information on top of that it allows you to find auto parts, tires, and paint codes as well.

So try the app right now it even offers a free version of vehicle history reports. With that being said let us draw the curtains today. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions about the content and what else you would like for us to cover. Till then, Seeya!