For me, I think buying trucks and cars is easy. However, what I found most confusing was when I had to make the decision on buying tires. I found plenty of shops with truck tires near me but what I didn’t know was which ones I should buy for my pickup truck.

Picking the right tires for your pickup truck is vital for road safety and performance. If you pick the wrong tires then your truck’s performance can hobble in different weather situations. You should also check for signs that you need to find new tires.

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Generally, you can find three main types of tires in the market. The types are All-season, Summer, and Winter. Ideally, tires need to be changed every 3 to 4 years and when choosing you need to make sure you buy the right ones for the road. Each type of tire provides different types of performances in different seasons.

While most people do buy the All-season tires it is not as simple as the name suggests. The All-season tires are well-rounded tires providing good performance on the road but they are never outstanding in any department.

They are just fine as a choice. Summer tires are basically for dry/wet road conditions. They deliver quality performance during the summer but is dismal in snow traction. Whereas, Winter tires are fantastic at snow traction but is just average under clear road conditions. Finding the perfect tire is not so simple; you see. Here is what you can do to find the best tires for your pickup truck.

Tire Size Determination

When determining what tires you need first you should find out what the standard size for your truck is. You can find the information in your owner’s manual or the placard on the driver’s side door jamb.

You will see a number the first few numbers indicate the measurements followed by the load index then followed by the speed rating for the tire. This is easy to find and determine and won’t take up much of your time.

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Finding What Type Of Tires You Need

If you are looking through a tire store you can easily find tires that match your requirements but in many cases, you need a bit more work to find the perfect match for your pickup truck.

The following are some special types with which you can identify the type of tire your car has that will come in handy selecting the perfect tire for your pickup truck.

  • All-Season: These are usually the most common choices for SUVs and other mainstream cars. They provide good weather grip and long mileage and usually comes in S and T ratings.
  • : These are pretty common in cars that have upgraded wheels and has a certain aesthetic that appeals to enthusiasts. You will usually be able to find these tires on newer car models.

While they don’t usually last as long as regular  S- and T-speed rated all-season tires but what they do have is a better cornering grip.

  • Ultra-High-Performance All-Season & Summer Tires: These tires can usually be seen in performance sedans and sports cars. The tires have a general rating of ZR-, W-, and Y.

Now you may have a hard time finding out if you have ultra-high performance all-season tires or just summer tires. Because they are almost the same. Finding this information out may require you to go to the manufacturer’s website to check tire details.

If you see that there are mud and snow designation for the tires then it would mean they are ultra-high performance all-season tires. Otherwise, they are just simply summer tires.

  • All-Season & All-Terrain Truck Tires: So the all-terrain tires are basically designed to withstand basic hauling and towing duties. You see them in use in vehicles like light-duty pickups and SUVs.

These are a bit larger than your regular tires but sometimes can be confused as the regular all-season tires. Like the name suggests these are tires made for every sort of terrain. This means that these tires have an aggressive tread pattern to provide additional grip for off-road requirements.

However, there is a pretty easy way to determine whether the tires are all-terrain or not. Normally if you look up the model name you will see an A/T or All-Terrain written in the middle.

  • Winter/Snow Tires: When getting a Winter or Snow tire you will notice that it has a mountain or snowflake symbol on the sidewall. This is the biggest indicator of snow tires. You can even notice the design patterns as they are different for these sorts of tires.

The treads on snow tires have a busier pattern on them with lots of slits that are also known as sipes. These are designed intentionally to provide a better grip on the road. One tip you should always remember is that if you are getting snow tires then get them in sets of four.

This is because the road during winter can get treacherous and a 4 tire set will provide you with ample braking and handling support to make your journeys that much safer.

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Set Your Tire Priorities Straight

So those are some of the things that will aid in your search for the perfect tire for your pickup truck. We have often seen that people usually get direct replacement tires for newer cars and different models based on performance when the car gets older.

Price also plays a part in this regard. When choosing your tires you should ensure you choose the best fit for you. If you could buy the best pickup truck then you should obviously invest in the best set of tires.

Check the tire ratings and understand your requirements match them accordingly and then make your decision. This is especially important if you are looking for tires with maximum tread life and all-weather grip.

Shops with truck tires near me don’t provide a wide range of selection that most online retailers provide. You can check out or for help. Or you can try out the intuitive & easy to use AutopartsZ  App which lets you find tires of all types.

With that being said I will draw this to an end. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the matter. How much attention do you provide in choosing your tires?

Also, send us your suggestions on what we should cover in the future. We value your input. This allows us to better cater to your needs and tailor content according to your preferences. So let us know. Till then, Adios!