Cars are an important part of our lives. If you look closely almost everyone you know who is 16 or older has a car. America’s love affair with cars started when it was introduced.

It is estimated that 1 in every 6 people in the United States is employed by the automotive industry. From car sales, service, or manufacturing, to in any other car-related occupation. And the only way those employees get paid is when car owners take up their service.

Car owners are bound to take up the services. This is because your car is eventually going to need replacements and repairs. The rigors of daily driving are hard on a car. And eventually, they end up needing auto parts for replacement or repair.

Many have built their livelihood surrounding this. This is why when you search for “nearest auto parts store” you will get a long list of the local auto parts stores.

nearest auto parts store

Nowadays finding the nearest auto parts store is not that hard because of the internet. Plus you can also order any and everything including the car itself from online stores. Online auto parts stores have risen so much in popularity that the best auto parts stores around are considered to be all online stores.

Although many stores have migrated to the platform while retaining their brick and mortar roots many haven’t. Now if you search “auto parts store near me”  or “auto parts near me” the odds are the top results will be all online shops. This convenience has greatly benefited both spectrums of the industry.

What are the top auto parts stores in the USA in 2019? Well, the following is a list of the best auto parts store that can deliver the product to you anywhere in the states.

Top Auto Parts Stores in the USA:

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA auto parts started their journey back in 1925 in the motor city. Back then a group of auto parts suppliers met and formed the coalition. Their mission was to make sure the distribution of auto parts was done efficiently and smoothly.

The brand with a reputation for quality parts, rapid availability, and knowledgeable people may have been owned by several groups in the beginning. But Genuine Parts have bought out the remaining partners within 2012.

the nearest auto parts store

Their website features a host of different services and blog on auto care and other news and trends. They are also one of the largest existing auto parts stores in the US. If you search for “auto parts store near my location” odds are one of the hits will be a NAPA auto parts store. They have over 6000 of these scattered around the country.


One of the OG of the online auto parts store community, RockAuto was founded back in 1999. A family-owned business the auto parts store is the brainchild of two engineers. They had 2 goals, one was to disclose all the information regarding auto parts store that was usually hidden behind the counter.

where is the nearest auto parts store

The second was to make auto parts affordable for everyone. They did this by remaining a strictly online company and removing extra costs like stores, personnel, and slow-moving inventory. This was radical at the time but they did what other stores failed at the time.

Rockauto made the auto parts price drop lower. This is how one of the best auto parts stores started its journey and they have remained one of the best till now.


Another reputable auto parts store, AutoZone has been in business for more than 37 years. Their reputation for quality parts and service at cutthroat is what sets them apart.

find the nearest auto parts store

Autozone is the biggest and best distributors of auto parts in the aftermarket industry and is one of the leaders in replacement parts distribution in the US. With such pedigree, one cannot leave them out of any top list of auto parts store.


Auto Parts Warehouse has been in business since 1995. Since then they have made themselves one of the best distributors of auto parts online in the US. They have an inventory of 550000 unique parts and they average around 2 million unique visitors a month. With these number, it's hard to see why they won’t be in this list right?

find me the nearest auto parts store

They're famous for their customer service with many different services on offer. Some of them are Price Match Guarantee, free shipping on orders over $50, flexible payment plans, and even extended warranties. They also offer one of the cheapest rates on the market. Customers can get up to 70% discount from the retail price.

Their quality in auto parts and service is unrivaled in the industry which is why they have been in the industry for so long. Autopartswarehouse even offer affiliate programs for other sellers on the community.

Advance Auto Parts

Arthur Taubman established Advance Auto Parts back in 1932 by buying the store from the Pep Boys. Since then they have become a leader in the automotive parts distribution industry. As of April 2019, the company has over 4,931 stores in North America alone. They also have 1,238 independently owned Carquest branded stores around other territories.

locate nearest auto parts store

They offer a variety of choices for both OEM and Aftermarket auto parts. Whether your car is foreign, local, old or new, you can rest assured that they have the parts for it. From engines to accessories anything you can think of they will deliver to you. This is why Advanced Autoparts made it in the list for 2019.


CARiD utilizes a variety of cutting-edge technologies and innovations to distribute auto parts all over the US. They call themselves the largest privately owned marketers of auto parts. They supply OEM and aftermarket through multiple vendors. They make sure that the product they deliver is of the utmost quality.

auto parts near me

Also, their customer service is impeccable. This is why they have 13 million unique visitors on their site. Carid has a unique blend of creativity and professionalism in their work ethic which is why they have become one of the best auto parts stores around.

JC Whitney

JC Whitney has been in business for almost a hundred years. They are one of the best in the business and has set themselves apart with their quality, service, and business policies. JC Whitney offers price match guarantees along with an amazing return policy which has made them one of the biggest online auto parts stores.

Their customers are loyal and know that their products are of the highest quality. They have one of the biggest and most diverse inventories around which covers more than 25 million cars.

auto parts store near my location

Their return policy covers more than 6 million parts which are a mammoth coverage so they have all covered. With free shipping to fast shipping options available for anywhere around states.

JC Whitney also has CyberTrust certification and recognition this gives them the additional trust value of their customers. The customers know that their information is protected. All in all, they are as close to the best as anyone can be in the auto parts distribution game.


A relatively new online auto parts distributor channel PartzRoot. They have opened up their online auto parts store recently but have been in operation for more than 5 years. They have an extensive list of auto parts in their inventory huge. They provide guaranteed Free Shipping delivery comes with a 1-Year Warranty & has a Hassle-free Return policy.

nearest discount auto parts store

They offer 24/7 customer care and technical support if required. PartzRoot also have an amazing re-seller program where people can sign in and buy quality auto parts in bulk at a very cheap price.

Parts Geek

Parts Geek has been in business since 2008. They offer a variety of automotive parts & supplies. While you can’t get driving directions to their nearest auto parts store, they do offer great shipping options to their customers.

driving directions to the nearest auto parts store

Parts Geek has no singular pick-up option for customers but can ship to any place within the state without hassle. You may feel that they are not the nearest auto parts store but they are actually closer than you think. They have also garnered more than 10000 reviews in Bizrate alone.

This is because they are masters of customer service and only provides quality service and parts to their customer. So you can see why they are one of the best in the auto parts business right?


Another newcomer on the auto parts industry, PartsCargo aims to be one of the leading auto parts distributors in the US. With an innovative website design flow and a massive inventory paired up with great customer service, they provide an overall great customer experience.

auto parts store near me

Established in 2016 in Astoria, New York they have been working relentlessly to make sure that auto parts are affordable for everyone who needs them.


With over 100 employees and a revenue of 50+ million dollars, there is no doubt that BAP or Buy Auto Parts is a giant of the industry. BAP was founded back in 1989 in San Diego, California. One of the first auto parts companies to transition to websites they launched the BAP website back in 2002.

Top Auto Parts Stores

Within 2009 half of all their sales came from the site. With a huge array of inventory, there is nothing that you cannot find in their warehouse. They provide a 100% guarantee on quality and has a great return policy. This is why BAP have remained as one of the best auto parts store around.

Where Is The Nearest Auto Parts Store?

Well, the answer is quite simple, it's on your phone or PC. This is because you can obviously find great local auto parts stores near you but you will see that almost all of them are a bit pricey. They have to be because of the extra costs they bear maintaining a brick and mortar shop. This is why nowadays I prefer ordering the parts online.

There are plenty of ways to make sure you get quality auto parts online. The process is almost the same. So when you are looking for new parts it is always better to search in online auto parts stores. There are plenty of different stores out there as well that are just as good and turn out to be better options for you to make sure you look into that as well. For your ease, you can check out our blog on auto parts finder.

So you can see that these stores are the best around, the top of the industry. However, as I said there are plenty of other great sites so before you buy, make sure you do thorough research on the market.

top nearest auto parts store

With that being said, I will draw the curtains right here. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you. And also let us know if you want us to cover something from the automotive industry.
Here at AutopartsZ, our goal is to serve you however you want and we value your opinions. We are eagerly awaiting your response. Till Next Time, Adios!