As a car owner, one of your most important parts of the car are the tires. When driving the tires face the brunt of the abuse as they are the most exposed. However, they are oftentimes ignored mostly because it is hard to judge when to replace them.

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But it is imperative that you have tire checkup in your regular maintenance schedule. When you do find that you need tire replacement you can visit the top nearest auto parts store or simply check out an online tire finder site like AutopartsZ to find the perfect tire for your car. But as I said, you need to know the signs of tire damage. Here is a list of signs you should look out for.

Signs To Look For

As mentioned your car’s tires are of the utmost importance. So how do you know your car’s tires need to be changed? Well, here are four signs you should keep an eye out for that signal damaged tires.

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Your Car Swerving On The Road

If you are driving and your car keeps swerving off-road or if it keeps leaning to one side this means your tires need changing.

The wear and tear on the tires are never even and sometimes you will see that the front tires get more worn down than the back ones. Now when you see this happening immediately check for damages as this can lead to a fatal accident.

Visible Wear Bars

The tire factory has made tires with wear bars within the tread. When you buy new tires you really need to look hard to find the wear bars within the treads.

But over time with use, the wear bars become more and more visible and eventually come on the same level as the treads. Now if that happens then you are in dangerous territory. You need to immediately change the tires of your car.

Cracks, Bubbles, or Bulges

Through the regular rigors of driving and exposure to extreme weather conditions, the tires eventually get worn down. Now that’s no surprise, right? But under rough terrains or extreme weather conditions, the rubber weakens and then cracks.

Now small cracks are pretty common on tires. But what is worrying is if you see a lot of splintering on the cracks. That means that the rubber has lost its temper and the tires need to be immediately changed.

Another thing that you may find if you do a regular inspection is the occurrence of bubbles. Now mind you this is in no way a common thing to see and you have to take your car to a professional when you see bubbles forming in your car’s tire. Check for bulges and bubbles if you find any then make sure you have them checked and changed before any accidents occur.

Some Common Tire Hacks

Now that you know what to look out for here are a few ways you can determine the damage and find out if your tires need to be changed or not and also here will be some common tricks that will help you expand the lifetime of the car tires.

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The Penny Trick

This is the most common and most shared trick in car care history. The idea here is to take a penny and put it head side down in the treads of the tire. Normally part of Lincoln’s head will be covered with the treads.

Now if you see that the treads aren’t covering any part of Lincoln’s head and you can clearly see the image. Then it means that your tire treads have worn out and you need them replaced.

The 5 Year Rule

So the common standard that is accepted by experts in the community is that tires last for about 5 years.

Now it may be worn out before that but that will be under harsher driving conditions. But the general rule is that you should have the tires changed on your car every 5 years.

The 10 Year Limit

Say you don’t drive your car that often. Maybe you take out your car once a month or once every few months. Even then you need to replace your tires. Rubber loses temper as time passes and the tires are subjected to deterioration even in a static state.

So when to change the tires? Well, as per community guidelines and expert opinions you should not keep a tire that is 10 years old or longer.

They should be changed before or within but this is only for cases where the car is scarcely used. It is pretty important to note down the date when you bought the tires for this reason. This way you will be able to track the timeframe of when new tires are needed.

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Find Tires That Fit

Now that you know what to look for and know when to get new tires you should be well aware of finding the right size tires for your car. Finding the right tires of the right size for your car is important because that is what ultimately determines your driving experience.

You can download the AutopartsZ App which has an innovative built-in tire finder and lets you find the right size tire for any car. You can even search for tires by the VIN number of the car. But as I said, it is imperative that you find the right tire.

It is a road safety issue for you, your passengers, and people on the road. For your safety, you should also check out our car maintenance basics guide.

With that being said I will draw the curtains for today. Please let us know your thoughts on road safety and tire check schedules.

Also let us know if you prefer a certain brand of tires for your car and if you use bigger tires or smaller tires than the standard tire your car came with.

You can express your thoughts in the comments below. Provide any suggestions you may have for us and the content you see. We strive to put out the best content tailored to you. Your responses help us achieve that. Thank You for being with us till now. See Ya!