On the 21st of November 2019, Elon Musk got in on one of the most lucrative sides of the automotive industry. He unveiled Tesla’s version of what a pickup truck should be. Named the CyberTruck it is like all Tesla cars a fully electric vehicle.

tesla cybertruck review

According to Tesla, the CyberTruck offers more than what the average pickup truck and then some. It offers huge towing capacity and brutal acceleration pushing automotive engineering to a new frontier. With one of the most polarizing designs that have been showcased in recent times, it looks like a pickup truck right out of science fiction novels.

Upon its unveiling, it immediately created divides in the community with many thinking that the car is a step into the future while others thinking that it’s trying too hard to be one. But what do we really know about the Tesla CyberTruck? Well, here is the Tesla CyberTruck review from what we got to know till now.

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Design Aspects

The CyberTruck is obviously like nothing we have seen before but its body is made of stainless steel. This is something we have seen other companies tryout before. Especially with DeLorean. They tried it with the DMC 12. While the material is incredibly strong and damage resistant one of the back draws of using stainless steel in body construction is the repairing aspect.

It is very hard to repair the body of the car that is built with stainless steel. While the Cybertruck was demonstrated to be able to withstand sledgehammers it may become an expensive endeavor later. One other back draw with stainless steel is the fact that it is almost impossible to paint.

No Color

You already saw that the CyberTruck was almost naked in terms of coloring. Now we don’t know what the final version of the CyberTruck will look like but it will need some glasses and mirrors. From what we have seen it has visibility issues. Other experts agree over this as well.


While many people have said that they are not really impressed with the model there are plenty of people who haven’t even watched the truck in action. The Tesla all-electric CyberTruck seats 6 people inside and is 231.7 inches long, 79.8 inches wide and 75 inches tall. Dimensions of the pickup truck put it in line with full-size truck heavy hitters like the F-150, Ram 155, and the Silverado 1500.

Other aspects like the 35-degree approach angle, a 28-degree departure angle and up to 16 inches of ground clearance suggest that it will do admirably in off-road conditions. Now its size may become a cause for headache amongst the average car owner.

This is because the dimensions suggest that it will have a hard time fitting in the regular garage of an American household. While this is not a problem limited to the CyberTruck it is something people will think about. This is why Tesla also unveiled the Cybunker especially made for the CyberTruck.


At first look, you will think that the drag on the Cybertruck will kill its performance. People were really curious about the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. It was so frustrating for one aerospace engineer that he created a computer-generated model for the CyberTruck testing out its aerodynamic capabilities. And to his surprise, it showed that the electric pickup truck wouldn’t be a drag on the road but quite the opposite.

Tesla electric truck

After that Musk even stated that the design was done in a way so that the CyberTruck can have a coefficient of drag of 0.30. This is saying something considering that the best aerodynamic truck the Chevy Silverado 1500 claims it has a drag coefficient around 0.38. Now, these numbers are without the windshield wiper we are yet to see the drag coefficient after the wiper has been added.


Now what makes a great pickup truck is its bed and the CyberTruck has in our opinion set new standards in this regard. The electric pickup truck comes with a bed that is slides and has a metal tonneau cover that's lockable. This ensures the utmost cargo security.

On top of that, the CyberTruck also has a built-in ramp and multiple charging outlets for things like electric ATVs.

A Power-hub

Now with Tesla claiming the payload capacity of the CyberTruck at 3,500 pounds makes it the best in the market. The Ford F-150 which is the best selling car has a lower payload capacity than this behemoth from Tesla.

While the CyberTruck was pitted against an F-150 in the infamous the papers submitted by Tesla for the vehicle suggest its more of a medium-weight truck rather than a light-weight one. Which is why it’s understandable why it wiped the floor with an F-150. It’s more in the class of the F-250 which outperforms the CyberTruck.


The CyberTruck interior design is minimalistic even more so than the Model 3. It comes with a large, centrally mounted touchscreen and steering that is far from being a wheel. Although it might not be the final version of the steering wheel.

On top of that, the CyberTruck will have the option of solar charging which will apparently add another 40-50 miles in its range. Now it is still unclear whether that will come with the basic version or be an add-on.

Performance & Price

So like most manufacturers, Tesla offers versions of the model. It’s the same with the CyberTruck. Tesla has 3 trims on offer for the CyberTruck.

The first one is the basic rear-wheel-drive version that offers a 250-mile range with a towing capacity of 7500 pounds. Along with that, it takes around 6.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60.

This is the single motor version for the electric pickup and the base price for this version is around 39900 dollars. The second version which we think will be the most popular version is being touted a price of 49900 dollars.

This is the double motor version with a towing capability of around 10000 pounds. This trim will get to 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds and it seems like an overall better value for money option. Now the third trim they offer is the one that is advertised. You know the with the 14000 pounds hauling capability.

cybertruck price

This model will cost you around 69,900 dollars. This version of the CyberTruck is touted to have around 500 miles per charge so that’s big considering it is a truck with only three motors. We will know more about the actual mileage when it actually hits the roads. If you want to get the Full Self-Driving option along with the CyberTruck you would have to pay a bit more though.

Currently, with the plans that they are offering you can get the CyberTruck with Full Self-Driving option for 7000 dollars per month. And you can pre-book your CyberTruck right now with a 100 dollar down-payment which is refundable.

While the single and dual motor versions were touted to hit the production line in 2021 Tesla changed its plans. Now the 3 motor version will hit the productions first meaning the other two versions are expected to hit the production line in 2022.

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Will The CyberTruck Make A Difference?

Well, that is hard to say right now. You can never say anything about the automotive industry. By the specs and price, the CyberTruck seems like an amazing option to have for pickup truck owners.

However, we will know more about it upon its release. That’s when we will be able to see the results from actual users. Whether it will have as big an impact as Model 3 had is hard to foresee but considering it is Tesla we think it will have some sort of an impact.

All we can do right now is just wait and watch if the CyberTruck will revolutionize the pickup truck automotive scene forever or not. With that being said we arrive at the end of this Tesla CyberTruck review.

Let us know in the comments below if you are hyped up about the CyberTruck or not. Also, let us know your thoughts and suggestions. We value and look forward to your input. Till next time, this is me signing off. Over and Out. 😉