Are you looking to buy auto parts? You have multiple options to choose from. They perform all the same but come in different price ranges and warranty. There are two most trustworthy options available: OEM Parts & Aftermarket Parts. There’s also a third option called used auto parts or second-hand auto parts, but it isn’t reliable and doesn’t have a validated warranty, so we don’t include that.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts have subcategories. You can buy new or remanufactured OEM parts. The new and remanufactured version is available for aftermarket auto parts as well. One thing you should note that all of these options will fit and perform just the same and won’t cause troubles of any kind. It’s just people have different preferences, some like OEM parts better because they are the exact match for the original auto parts, but they are expensive. For a more affordable option, the aftermarket is the way to go! Here’s a brief explanation of all the options available.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts


The OEM part comes from the same company that supplies the company that manufactures your car. So, you are getting almost the same auto parts like your vehicle’s original auto parts. Car companies like Nissan or Toyota will manufacture things like the prominent auto body parts and put the entire car together while the smaller, less significant parts like AC compressors and electronic components are made by OEM suppliers who then sell these to the actual manufacturer.

OEM Remanufactured

OEM suppliers will remanufacture their old parts from the same components that might have been damaged but are in good condition. Sometimes the suppliers work with them in the same facility where new parts are made. These parts are mostly diesel parts like turbochargers, injection pumps, fuel injectors, etc. To buy remanufactured options, you may need a core deposit. This is a temporary charge added when you checkout for the parts. This charge is refundable in case you want to return it. This way, suppliers and manufacturers can reduce waste and keep the cost of the parts significantly lower.

Aftermarket Parts

New Aftermarket

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New aftermarket parts are new components that function just the same as OEM. Aftermarket manufacturers will make the same parts at a cheaper price point and with slightly lower graded components. However, the company you select to buy aftermarket parts will test and verify the part’s design, performance, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

Aftermarket Remanufactured

Aftermarket remanufactured parts are OEM parts that suppliers have professionally remanufactured. They perform just like the new ones with the same warranty as a new aftermarket part. Like OEM remanufactured parts, this also requires a core deposit and can be refundable when you return your original parts.

How To Choose Reliable OEM Parts Online

Find out a certified dealer

Look for a certified dealer and talk to them. You need to look for branded dealerships if you don’t trust others. The local dealership may have what you seek. However, you should also know that purchasing parts from the dealer can be a bit expensive.

Find authorized sellers that give you coupons

While buying from the authorized sellers, you may be able to use the manufacturer’s coupons to save some money for buying. You can even use these coupons for other functions like getting a free car wash, car detailing, etc.

Do more research online if you need to

Do more research before you buy the parts online. You need a reputable source where you can buy your car parts and find great deals. Amazon auto parts sellers are the most reliable ones. You can check eBay auto parts as well; they have great selections of the most trusted sellers.

How To Choose Reliable Aftermarket Parts Online

Use search filters

Many online suppliers of car parts use search filters. Besides finding the make, model and year, you can also choose to find out the part. You can narrow down your searches by entering your ride’s sub-model classification. The more detailed your search query is, the more chance of finding the exact parts you are looking for.

Lookup a year-make-model tool

Do you know that some online suppliers have year-make-model lookups too? Some suppliers can even let you search the parts by VIN to make your search a little easier. Just add the year, make, model, and VIN, and you will find the ideal parts in no time.

Compare, compare & compare

Don’t just buy the first automotive parts that appear on your search page. Instead, take time to compare the prices. Ensure that you compare the cost of your auto parts from at least three to four different online suppliers. You also need to compare the warranty and guarantee. That’s how you increase the chance of buying great vehicle components at a lower price point.


Finding excellent quality OEM or Aftermarket parts is not difficult if you know where and how to find them. A great place to start is AutopartsZ. Our website lets you search your auto parts and tires by entering your vehicle’s make, model, and year or using VIN.