Whether you are buying Nissan, Chevrolet, or Acura auto parts, it's important to buy genuine car parts. When it comes to cars' usage and safety, buying genuine parts seems like the only valid option. Although safety is the biggest concern and reason people purchase OEM parts, there are other contributing factors. And this article discusses the reasons why you should also buy Acura OEM parts.

Ensures the quality

Genuine or OEM car parts mean quality, and there's no doubt about it. Although OEM parts are quite expensive than the aftermarket or used car parts, these OEM components are much, much better. Buying these quality components gives you a sense of confidence and security. In terms of original car parts, they are manufactured in the same factories and the same production lines of your car model. This means that the dynamic of the genuine parts and your car will be much more enhanced. As they are made by the same factories, they gel together very well to boost your vehicle's performance.


This brings us to the cost of genuine parts. As we have already explained, aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than OEM car parts, but that doesn't ensure quality. These generic car parts are made of low-quality materials, making them ten times prone to wear and tear. You also are unlikely to get warranty coverage while buying these generic parts. Yes, one advantage is it's cheaper, which means you can buy, use and discard for a short amount of time. While purchasing an aftermarket car part can be tempting because of how efficiently it mimics genuine parts' role, it still is a non-genuine part. Also, it may seem that the aftermarket car parts are efficient, but with time these same parts will be the factor responsible for reducing your car's efficiency. On the other hand, buying OEM parts means securing a warranty, outstanding performance and efficiency by your vehicle, and excellent durability.

Provides safety

Your health should be your utmost priority. To keep yourself and your passenger free of danger, buying quality OEM parts is highly suggestible. Why? Because unline the inferior elements, genuine car parts are manufactured and tested to meet the design standards. With great precision and an eye for detail, your OEM part manufacturers can never go wrong.

In contrast, aftermarket parts aren't manufactured with the same level of supervision. As a result, you get dingy car components that cheap and less functional. Inferior car parts like brake linings, windscreen wipers, filters, etc., can damage the performance and compromise your car's safety features. This is a big no-no!

It's reliable

With genuine parts, expect the standards and performance to be higher than the inferior ones. When you use an OEM part, you will notice the difference! The quality, fit and finish are much higher than the cheaper poor-quality ones. If you drive an Acura, the genuine Acura parts will support your car's entire internal system. People often complain that cheaper car parts make their cars very sluggish which is true. However, with the OEM parts, there's no chance of getting your car slowed down. If you are considering selling your vehicle, keep in mind that second-hand buyers prefer buying vehicles with genuine parts rather than inferior ones. So, getting genuine car parts for your car will maintain the vehicle's resale value.

Saves time and energy

Choosing a replacement part out of all the counterfeits can be time-consuming and tiring. So, stop doing it! Choose the original ones, and it will be easier and convenient for you to find the right parts for your car. What do you need to do? Just go to the original car parts manufacturer, give them your car's model number, and they will find out the exact parts for your vehicle. Doing so will reduce loads of time and money you would waste by making comparisons.

Lasts longer than cheap vehicle parts

Lasts longer than cheap vehicle parts - AutopartsZ

People are willing to spend that much money on OEM parts for two reasons, safety, and long-lasting performance. And OEM parts are well-known for their longevity. Their strength and durability are the most characterized features, their strong suit. Because the products are made of very high-quality materials, they usually provide much more strength and coverage for a vehicle. Your vehicle will be robust and last long and toil any harsh treatment better if you pair them up with original parts. Pair them up with inferior parts, and you will get a particular and sluggish vehicle. Oh, and the headache comes as a bonus with them!


Nothing against aftermarket car parts, though. They are suitable for some occasions, for example, if you are searching for cheaper components that can serve for a few months but we have discussed the hazard. With that said, aftermarket parts are still the way to go when you are running low on cash, but counterfeits or used parts are a dead end! You should absolutely not buy used car parts as they will surely ensure your car becomes trash. Okay, enough of this bashing. I told you what I had to say; rest is your choice! I wish you luck!