If you have driven a BMW, this is not a suitable article for you! Joking, it is! But as you have driven the magnificent car, we know you love it. The thing is, we are here to tell people interested in BMW and (*cough*...*cough* haters) what a fantastic car it is. Judging by the looks and proficient BMW auto body parts, it’s safe to say these brands, especially their vehicles, are one of a kind. BMW is with us for centuries now and has worked hard to stay relevant and true to its name. The manufacturer’s laborious duty has made the brand innovative and stands out from the other brands. Do you need more reasons? Duh! Here you go!

EfficientDynamics Package

It’s nothing new that BMW isn’t some cheap vehicle brand. Therefore, the price tag isn’t cheap. The new EfficientDynamics package incorporated in the vehicles is enough to save your money for the long run. But what is EfficientDynamics, you say? It is an initiative by the brand to lessen fuel consumption and thus making the vehicle more eco-friendly. Now tell me, does your vehicle do that? Is your vehicle that smart? But wait, here’s the fun part! This unique package comes automatically with every BMW model, so you don’t need to spend money to buy it at all. Now, you know why BMW is classy and expensive.

Stylish & quality-wise components

I can give you names of the car brands that look very stylish and sleek on the outside, but these are just disappointing when it comes to their internal parts. Also, some cars look like trash but actually are quite potent and high-graded. Look, I don’t blame affordable vehicle brands, it’s understandable why cheaper car parts are used to build affordable models. Affordable car models tend to be made with cheaper car interior or exterior parts to limit the budget. You can’t get the best of both worlds with a meager budget, that’s the hard truth!

So, what about BMW? Well, the vehicles don’t only look pretty but are high-performing, and that’s why they are expensive. BMW’s all-wheel-drive is the topmost system in the world which means it can tackle any terrain, whether snow or rough trails. The spare parts are often more expensive because they integrate high-performing technology with high-end car parts and accessories.

Immense customization

Speaking of car parts, BMW delivers various personalizations and customizations to let your car be yours only. I don’t think any other car manufacturer offers that extensive level of customization at all. If you a BMW new model, you can even build your own version. How cool is that? Just select the series of your car, body style, and horsepower, and they will make one for you. The fun part, customizing the exterior parts. Have fun choosing your car body’s colors and see which suits your persona and your model more. Also, even you have a used BMW, no worries, take it to the BMW body shop and get a brand new one/

BMW ConnectedDrive

Let’s take a quick peek at the interior, shall we? BMW offers ConnectedDrive, a sim card that ensures you are always connected with your car. Using the ConnectedDrive, you can get timely traffic updates, stream music, etc., inside your vehicle. There are a few apps like BMW Routes, Online Weather, GoPro app, ECO Pro Analyzer that can be very handy in terms of a safe and convenient journey.

Twin power turbo - AutopartsZ

A few surprising facts about BMW that you will love

Still not convinced? These interesting BMW facts will surely blow your mind and convince you to fall in love with the brand.

1. BMW still makes classic car parts

This already raises the bar up for BMW as most car manufacturers have stopped making parts for their classic models. Vehicle owners will always have difficulties finding the classic parts, and BMW understands this well than the other brands. Even car fanatics love collecting older models, so they need to buy the classic car parts to preserve the older model. BMW still manufactures parts of vehicles that were made during WW2. Therefore along with BMW’s new model parts, you will also get the older parts in the shops.

2. BMW is in the aerospace industry

BMW proved as a game-changer when it started designing airplane interiors. Automobiles are still their forte, but they are still collaborating with the aerospace industry. Singapore Airlines’ interior has been developed by none other than BMW itself.

3. World’s fastest motorbike is from BMW

In 1937 BMW manufactured the world’s fastest motorbike with 278km/h mileage. The motorcycle is still considered the world’s first fastest bike. Its motorcycle division, named BMW Motorrad, was responsible for this cheetah.

4. BMW bought Rolls Royce

BMW bought the famous Rolls Royce and now produces cars owned formerly by the brand. But Rolls Royce lovers, don’t worry! You can still buy your Rolls Royce car as they are still being manufactured by BMW, only the ownership changed and nothing else.

5. BMW manufactured the first electric vehicle

Who brought the concept of electric cars? BMW did. In the 19th century, BMW tested EV’s theory and in 1972 manufactured the first electric vehicle. The model was called the BMW 1602e. This only goes on to prove that BMW was always futuristic about their ideas!


Bet you are impressed now! These aren’t the only facts about BMW that exist; there are lots and lots of them. I just pointed out the most important ones, in my opinion. While many cars have their class and standards, they fall short of all the luxuries, technologies, and innovations in front of BMW. That’s why BMW is still considered as one of the best vehicle brands ever existed.