The world of technology is fast-moving with many different advancements making headway into our society and daily lives. One of the most prominent techs that are making headlines in recent times is quantum computers.

We as a species are very close to making the first quantum computer and this will allow us to expedite our technological advancements exponentially. Now with new advancements, the cyber threat has become even bigger.

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This is why companies like ISARA Corporation research and develop countermeasures against new technological advancements. ISARA corporation this year showcased something right out of science fiction books with fitting a car with the first quantum security. Making the car the world’s first quantum security-enabled vehicle.

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If you know ISARA at all then you know that they are the leading company in providing quantum solutions. So ISARA got a Karma Revero GT and installed its new security system in it. Then showcased it for everyone in this year’s CES. The car went on the stage the second of CES 2020 and it instantly garnered attention.

ISARA being the leader in providing quantum and safe crypto-agile solutions have created a system that will allow you to send and receive electronic voice data without fear. This means the information is safe and cannot be hijacked and they made it so that even quantum computers can’t hack into your car’s system.

The quantum security development on cars was headed by APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association) the national association of OEM manufacturers in Canada. More and more cars have integrated connectivity features as they communicate over the air and with software updates being pushed by manufacturers on a regular basis.

With quantum computers, a seeming reality within the next decade traditional encryption will become almost obsolete. Quantum computers are different from traditional computers and if hackers get their hands on one it will be very easy to hack into your car’s systems. While there aren’t any quantum computers now, however, the cars in production now will be on the road by the time the quantum computers are integrated into society. This is why having a system that can integrate quantum security into your car will be necessary for the future.

So ISARA went on to develop a system that allows cars of today to be fitted with the security of tomorrow. The integration of the new security system was done on the Karma Revero GT. The luxury electric vehicle was fitted with ISARA Catalyst™ TLS Testbed. Using hybrid cryptography that combined ECDH and Kyber for key establishment and Dilithium for authentication they were able to create a secured connection.

All the algorithms implemented are available through the ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit. Now the safety measures were integrated into the cloud system of the car through iNAGO’s netpeople driver assistant to completely make it quantum-proof.

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Now if you don’t know who iNAGO are then they are the company that helps automotive companies deliver connected content and services. The iNAGO’s netpeople assistant platform serves the same purpose right now with a vast number of companies using their services. So integrating the ISARA tools within this platform was vital to ensure that the cars of today are future proof.

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APMA every year brings in the best Canadian companies to showcase the cutting-edge automotive technologies that will have a greater impact on the world in the coming years. APMA will take the car on the road to other shows and exhibitions worldwide showcasing the advancements in Canadian automotive technology.

Now for most of us, we don’t really believe something is possible until we see it functioning and ISARA took the opportunity to showcase their quantum-safe algorithms and protocols for secure communications. Now with this APMA and ISARA hopes to show that we can prepare for the coming threat right now and not wait for the problem to manifest first.

Karma which is based out of California took part in the AVIN/APMA demonstration because it understands the need to look globally for solutions. A forward-thinking mindset is needed to ensure we don’t fall behind the bad guys and the first quantum security computer, the Karma Revero GT is a step towards a more secure future.

And with that being said we come to the end of this discussion. Let us know in the comments below which feature you loved from the 2020 CES. We look forward to your comments so do send them in. Until next time, see ya!