So you want to buy a car. You have a potential candidate and you have spoken to the owner as well. But you want to know more. How do you do it? How do you get more car info on the model you like? There are a few ways you can do it.

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You can check the back of the car, check the vehicle history report, through the title document of the car, and check it through VIN number via a car info app.

You will find plenty of apps that can help you with that if you just search “my car info app” in a search engine. So let’s get into the ways you can get the car info that you require.

Car Info That You Can Find On The Car

When you are looking at a car and you need to know only the manufacturer and model of the car then all you have to do is go look in the back of the car.

There you will see the brand name the model and any additional model information that may be.

Title Document Check

The title document is basically your car registration document. There you will find most of the details you need on your car. It is an easy way to get car info if you already own the car.


VIN is the 17 digit identification number that a car has. For cars predating 1981, it is less than 17 digits but the idea is the same. VIN is basically the reference point to get any and every sort of car info you can need for a specific model.

You will see that VIN is written down somewhere on the driver’s side either on the door or somewhere between the dashboard and windshield. Once you have it you can check the database which will bring up information regarding the specific model.

You will also find the VIN for the car in the title report of the car. There are specialized apps as well that provide auto parts information, tire information, paint code information based on a car’s VIN. Some even provide you additional car history information from VIN numbers. You can check out apps like that for your car info convenience.

Vehicle History Report

If you are thinking about buying a used car then the vehicle history report is an important aspect of it. This report shows what the car went through before it went into the market. You can find the year make model, obviously but also check the insurance records, the repair records and any other car info that you deem relevant for you to make your decision.

You can simply go to take the title document, VIN and proof of identification and take it to the local motor vehicle agency. You can easily find one if you just search for it on the map. There you can apply for a vehicle report which will be issued for you.

However, people nowadays can get vehicle reports right at home on the screen they use. You can simply go to a website that offers VIN check facilities. Websites like these will bring in the data for you and showcase the information you requested.

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Remember a full vehicle history report is never a free service and those who offer it are probably running a scam. To ensure that you get the right information you can use apps like the AutopartsZ app which was designed to provide helpful information to its users.

It has a vehicle history report feature that you can get through VIN. There is a free vehicle report you can get but that is only filled with the rudimentary information about the car.

For a detailed car info report, there is a small fee of 6 dollars which is much less than the industry standard. Other companies like Autocheck start their vehicle history reports price from 10 dollars to upwards. This is why AutopartsZ is my car info app of choice.

There You Go

As you can see there is more than one way to get the information you need for cars. Be sure to check them all out depending on your needs. If you are buying a used car then I would suggest you get a full vehicle history report as it would provide you with the entire history of the car.

With so many choices out there on the web it is imperative you make the right ones when investing in a car. And this is why I suggest you use car info apps like the AutopartsZ app to help you find the right choice for you.

With that being said I will draw the curtains right here. Please let us know in the comments below if you have used any car info app and what is the best car info app in your mind.

Also, send us your thoughts and suggestions so that we know what you want from us. This will help you tailor the content more to your liking. Till then, Adios!