Americans have a long-standing love affair with cars. Ever since Henry Ford introduced the Model T cars have become a part of life for the average American. Since then the cars have evolved all over the world spurning into a variety of different types and models.

most popular car brands

This diversity made many models and brands a part of our society and culture. Nowadays, the choice of cars is endless with many foreign brands making it big here in the US.

One of the biggest questions that car enthusiasts often ask is “What are the most popular car brands in the US?” Well, we will answer that question here. Here are 10 of the most popular car brands in the US according to the sales number.

Number 10

Kia has had a slightly better year in 2018 than the previous year. They have sold 5 more cars in 2018 than in 2017 with Sorento being their number 1 top-selling car with 107,846 units sold. In 2018 December alone Kia sold over 47,428 which is 10.2% more units sold than December of the previous year.

popular car brands: Kia

A few Kia models hit a few milestones in 2018 this growth is why sales held steady this year. They set records for 3 different metrics in 2018 with Kia experiencing the highest ever sales for their Sportage model in2018.

Along with that, there was a 37% increase in sales for the Rio Subcompact. Their Forte, Optima, and Soul models reached over 100000-units sold mark for the second time running as well.

Number 9

most popular car brand in America: Ram

In number 9 Ram comes in. They have been consistently featuring in the list one of the most popular cars. There is no doubt that everyone in the US loves Ram trucks. They are sturdy, spacious, and offers great performance and utility for its owners.

Ram 1500 was awarded the best large pickup truck and became the most awarded truck in the Detroit Auto Show in 2018. Because of the performance in the auto show, the sales number for these trucks set new records all over.

The Ram 1500 sales increased by 15% and reached the 377,286 landmark in 2018. The Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City sales also increased in December with the pro Master sales increasing 75 percent to 5,857 vehicles. And ProMaster City sales increased  35 percent to 2,183 vehicles.

Number 8

what is the most popular car brand: Hyundai

Hyundai is our number 8 entry. The brand has sold 677,946 in 2018 making it one of the most popular car brands in America. Genesis sales plummeted to half of last year however the Elantra and Tucson gained popularity in the US.

Hyundai and Genesis together sold more than 65000 units in December 2018 alone which is a 3% increase from December 2017. This makes it the best December in the company’s history. Retail sales all across the country also increased for Hyundai. This ensured that the last 7 of the 8 months in the year the company experienced steady growth.

Number 7

popular car brands in us: Subaru

In lucky number 7 is Subaru. In 2018 Subaru sold 680,135 vehicles. This is a new record by the company and also it is a 5% increase from 2017. This was their 10th consecutive year setting this record which shows that they have been establishing themselves as one of the most popular brands in America.

With the Outback as its most sold model, the company has been enjoying steady growth for a straight 85 month period in the US. December 2018 became the company’s best month ever in the year with 64,541 units sold.

This beats out August of 2018 as the company’s best month ever. The steady sales of 40000+ units for 58 straight months is a clear indication of its popularity.

Number 6

car brands in USA: Jeep

Jeep comes strolling in the list at number 6. Performance-wise Jeep has seen the best growth since 2017. In 2018 jeep sold 973,227 units making the best year it has ever had which is even better than the previous best year which was 2016.

Wrangler and Cherokee were the outstanding performers for the company and this allowed Jeep to set numerous records. The growth in sales for Jeep was 17%. The brand sold over 80000 vehicles in December 2018 alone which is a 10% increase from 2017 December. Wrangler alone saw a 45% increase in sales in December selling more than 19000 units.

Number 5

top car brands in the world: Nissan

Number 5 on the list of most popular car brands is Nissan. Car sales for Nissan and Infiniti both fell in 2018 while SUV sales soared. The Rogue was the best selling Nissan in the US followed by Sentra and Altima.

Even though car sales for Nissan had fallen in December 2018 they sold more than 148000. This is a 7.6% increase from 2017 December. Nissan had sold 1,344,597 in 2018 on division sales alone and altogether sold over 1,493,877 units. This means that the company has suffered a 6.2% decrease in sales in 2018.

Number 4

most popular car brand in the world: Honda

Honda comes in the list at number 4. Sales for Honda decreased by 3.1% with the brand selling only 1,445,894 units over the entirety of 2018. While sales were down, in general, the sales of Acura increased to 158,938 vehicles which are a 2.5% increase since 2017.

December 2018 saw American Honda perform well with selling 155,115 units in the month alone. That is a 3.9% overall increase compared to 2017 December. Both Acura and Honda saw an increase in sales in the last month of the year.

Acura had an 11.4% with them selling 16,774 vehicles and Honda saw a 3% rise in its number hitting 138,341 vehicles sold mark in December 2018. Even with a down year, the sheer volume speaks a lot about their popularity as the brand sold over a million units in the US alone.

Number 3

popular American car brands: GM

GM’s Chevrolet comes in number 3 on the list. While 2018 has been a down year in sales with the total coming down from 3 million in 2017 to 2.9 million units. Chevrolet has been the biggest contributor for GM over the years with it contributing over 2 million in sales.

GM in total saw a 1.6% decrease in sales in 2018 and Chevrolet itself saw a 1.4% decrease in numbers. Even during December, they could not recover the numbers with the Chevy brand seeing a 3.2% decrease in numbers from 2017 December.

The only highlight for Chevrolet is the fact that the Traverse, Equinox, and Trax saw an increase in sales of 19,15 and 13 percent respectively.

Number 2

best car brands 2019: Toyota

The first runners up in the list is the biggest car company in the world Toyota. Toyota’s sales in the US came down about 0.3% with 2,426,672 units sold. Rav4 and Camry were the best selling models for Toyota in 2018.

In December 2018 Toyota sold 220,910 vehicles, this is a decrease of 0.9% from 2017. The entire Toyota division had sold over 185,000 vehicles in December 2018 which is a 1.1% decrease overall from 2017. However, the company remains the leading position in the retail section for the 7th consecutive year.

Number 1

luxury car brands: Ford

If you look at the numbers then you would see that Ford is still the best selling brand in America with the F-series trucks being the most popular models sold. The totals vehicles sold by Ford were 2,497,318.

Although sales were down in 2018 by 3.3% coming just under the 2.5 million mark it remains the most popular car brand in the US and the F-150 the most popular truck. In the commercial sector, Ford became the most popular company again.

The current trend in the automobile industry is gravitating towards SUVs which has become apparent in its numbers as well. While SUV numbers were at an all-time high in 2018 passenger car sales number have come down by almost a fifth than in 2017.

Even with numbers being lower in the passenger section they have not lost their crown of being the most popular car company in America.

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So there you go those are the most popular car brands in the US according to units sold in 2018. We are still getting the numbers for 2019 and will be getting the full numbers after December. As soon as we have the numbers we will be letting you know who has become the king of 2019. If you want you can check out the best selling cars of 2019 till now, here.

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