Music is a significant part of our lives; we can't live without it! That's why we incorporated music everywhere. We invented instruments to make music, and we created instruments to hear them. That's how speakers were born. Speaker systems have always been there for a long time. Remember those huge speakers you used to have in the '90s? They evolved with time and became compact, so much that now they can be built inside a car. Such a sound system is known as a car stereo.

Car stereo is a great device for an avid music lover. If you love long drives and listening to music, you can now put John Denver's song on the play and wander around the countryside. All fun and good, right? Wrong! Your peaceful journey can be bothered if your car's music system gets damaged. So, now you might be wondering how to fix my car stereo? It's relatively easy! But before that, you need to know the stereo system issues very well before repairing them. Let's discuss some of the common problems a car stereo system can face.

The amplifier is going on and off

The first sign of a faulty amplifier is, cutting on and off continuously. This happens when your car has a  loose power connection or grounding. If this seems to be the problem, then troubleshooting the car stereo can help you. Check the power connection and make sure everything is well connected. Check the grounding and see if the grounding surface is clean and doesn't contain rust. Sometimes a messed up stereo quality comes from the amplifier that is not properly grounded.

The amplifier doesn't turn on

If the amplifier fails to turn on completely, then that's a major red light to the stereo system. Now, what you can do is buying a new one and replace it, but that should be the last resort. When the amplifier starts acting a little out of place, start looking for a loose connection. You can easily fix minor things. Check if the amplifier is properly grounded as grounding complication is the most common cause of failure. Next, make sure the remote cable is well-attached. Check if the blue wires with white stripes come from the stereo unit. Turn the amplifier on again, and if you see no progress with the issue, then it's safe to assume that the amp is down.

The amplifier is overheated

A failed car sound system also means that the amplifier is overheated. Again the problem might be because of poor grounding, high bass level, blown speakers, etc. When the bass levels are turned up, the amplifier might get overheated and immediately shut down. To avoid the amp being overheated, don't turn the bass levels up as this creates a disruption. If your speakers are grounded to your car chassis or blown speakers, this strains the amplifier. Disconnect the blown speaker if you find any. Another key factor is to check the sizing of the power cables and grounding. If they are in the wrong sizes, this will interrupt the connection. Keep in mind that a proper grounding gauge wire should be 8 gauge or above, and the power cables shouldn't be more than 18 inches long.

Odd noises coming from the speaker

Odd noises coming from the speaker - AutopartsZ

Buzzing or popping sounds from speakers means the bass is at the maximum level in most cases. The buzz happens when there is an interference or if the speaker cone is being poked. Take a good look at your speaker and check if any loose wire or objects is coming in contact with the cone. If you see something, try to remove it and see if the distortion lessens. If it doesn't, then the voice coil or suspension needs to be checked. Sometimes the voice coil gets damaged and causes distortions and noises. Taking it to the car sound system repair can surely help. Another factor is that if your car speaker can't handle the power it is receiving, it can also make the speaker buzz. Make sure to buy speakers that are compatible with your car's electrical power while buying one.

Absence of bass

If you hear sounds without any bass, this is because the head unit is too weak to power the speakers, and thus you don't hear any bass. The bass consumes more power, and therefore a more robust head unit is needed. Check for the bad speaker cable connection as well, and ensure that the terminals are well-connected.


These are some problems your car stereo can face, so pay attention. Diagnose first, and try to solve the issue. Sometimes, only a minor problem can cause your car's sound system too exhausted. The no bass problem also means that the amplifier has something to do with the situation. So, check the amplifier very clearly. One or more signs like this will ensure there is an amplifier problem. If everything you didn't solve the problem, don't hesitate to call your mechanic.