When driving your car is susceptible to damage. From oncoming traffic and debris on the road to inattentive bystanders, they all can damage the car somehow. This is especially true for your car’s paint job.

Car paint is easily scratched or damaged. It can be due to environmental causes or if a car brushed up against you on the road or if you hit something. Sometimes people walking by with something and bumping into your car inadvertently can damage the paint job. So what then?

how to find color code on car

You take care of it by using the color it came with. But the name of the color doesn’t match with the shade you have in your car, now what?

Well, for this you need the paint code for your car. Most people don’t know where the paint code can be found even.

Well, today I aim to change that. Here you will find steps on how to find color code on your car. You can do this in many different ways and that is what I will show you. So without further delay, let’s dive in.

Locating The Color Code Information On The Car

This is the first method of how you can find the color code in your car. So let’s go through the first approach.

Number 1

One of the most common ways to find the color code in your car is to look for the automobile information sticker inside your car. Since the 80s, these stickers have been implemented in almost all the cars on the road.

The sticker has a bar code and includes a list of detailing the make of your car, the date, and country of manufacture, and other relevant information. Your owner’s manual will be able to better inform you about where the sticker is in your car.

But if you can’t use the owner manual then you can check in some common areas. Some of the common places are inside the door jamb, inside the car door, on the driver side interior dash, under the hood at the front of your car’s engine and on the rear wheel side directly above the tire.

Number 2

In many cars, you will see that the information sticker has exterior color codes are listed as “VIN”. You can simply go through the information on the sticker to find specifically find the paint codes for your car there.

In many cars, each paint code will be listed as body color and trim color, etc as they might be different. One thing to remember is that the number of letters or numbers in the specific color codes often varies between manufacturers.

Number 3

Sometimes the words paint or color will not be directly listed in the information sticker. Many vehicles come with an abbreviation or shorthand for identification.

If you can’t find those words then look for the letter “C”. You might see other abbreviated terms like “Tr” which indicates the trim of the car.

where to find color code on car

Taking The VIN Approach

This is the second method of getting to know your car’s paint code is to find car information through VIN.

So the following passages will be about how you can find the car information through VIN.

Finding VIN

Finding the 17-character VIN of your car should be easy. You can simply find it in your car’s title. The title is a legal document that an owner receives this is the legal document that states you are the owner of the vehicle.

This document will contain important information like the make, year of manufacture, and current license plate number of your car.

Look for the code combination there it will be a 17 digit long number. One thing to remember is that if you have a car that was manufactured before 1981 then the VIN will be less than 17 digits.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

Your vehicle registration certificate is basically the document that shows that the car is registered under your name. This document will give you information about the driver and the car, including the make and model of the vehicle and the year it was manufactured. Under this information, you will find the VIN information of the car.

Insurance Papers

You can easily use the insurance papers to look for your car’s VIN number which you will need to find the car’s paint code.

When you are insuring your car you have to provide your car’s information including the VIN so you can easily find the VIN number if you go through the papers and find it.

Repair Records

When you go to a repair shop you have to provide your car’s details so that the technician can know the car better. So if you look up your repair records then you will be able to find your VIN records.


The last step to find your car’s VIN is just simply to call the dealership and provide your purchase details. Once you do that they will be able to tell you the VIN for your car.

how to find your car paint color code

Paint Code Finder

So there you go these are some ways on how you can find the paint code and other information on your car. However, you don’t need to go through so much hassle nowadays. The AutopartsZ app is an innovative mobile app that can easily help you find the paint code for your car.

Just simply put in your vehicle details and find the paint codes you need. And with that being said I draw the curtains.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you and eagerly await for your response. Till next time, Seeya!