The Title or Lien status of a car is a very important document that contains a lot of information about the car. This will help you determine the current owner and damage other vehicle reports of the car.

This allows for easy value determination and ensures that a car with a bad title is not overpriced. Often times these cars will not be registered under false titles as it is considered fraudulent behavior. Some simple title checks that you should look up are salvage or rebuilt titles as you may not want to buy a car like that.

how to check car title

Now you may have a question that is “How to check car title?” Well, there is a simple way to check the car title through the DMV and there are other methods as well. Here we will discuss how you can check your car title or lien status through the DMV and a few other methods on checking your title status as well, so let’s dive into it.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is the governing authority for cars on the road. It provides a number of different services to better the lives of drivers and enforces laws on road safety as well. One of the services that the DMV provides is it provides a platform to check the title status or lien status of your car.

You can do it manually by going to their office or simply do it online. So what does the title status or lien status tell you? It gives you a host different information on your vehicle. One of the things it displays on the report is the date the title was issued by DMV.

how to check if a car title is clean

Another is how many liens were issued to the car if any were issued at all. And it tells you the name and address of the lienholder. However, it will not reveal the car owner’s personal details. You should remember the DMV does not provide any online check for boat title status or lien checks.

To do this check you need to provide 3 things. One is the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, second is the model of the car and the third is the make of the model. You can simply find the information on the registration papers in your car.

One important thing to remember is that it may take the DMV 90 days to reply to your request. If it exceeds that then you can ask again. If you are in New York then you can apply for a title status or lien status check on this page.

So what if you wanted to list a Lien? How do you list a lien in the title status? Well the DMV allows you to do that as well. You can request to list a lien through your dealer or through the local DMV office.

There is a slight fee for listing a lien status but it’s not that significant. Now if you did list a lien and still did not see the update in the title you requested then you need to contact the DMV with an MV-910 also known as the customer lien inquiry form. You need to fill the form and email it to the address that will be provided in the for itself. For people living in New York for your convenience here is the MV910 form.

So now you obviously are wondering how to fill up the customer lien inquiry form and don’t worry we will get to that next. So what you need to provide first is the contact information. If you are working for a lending company then you also need to provide the lien filing code. Then the form will ask for some detailed information that you need to fill up without any mistake.

After that save a copy and then send it to the DMV. You can even fax it to the DMV if you want. The Fax number for the New York DMV is (518) 486-6581.

Remember this is only for lien status check on the title information and not for any other information and you will get no reply from them if inquire about anything else. If you have any queries other than title status or lien status inquiries you can visit the New York DMV’s Contact Page.

The Other Method On How To Check The Car’s Title Status

So other than the DMV where you have to wait 90 or so days there is a faster option out there. Here we will talk about that. So the other method is by doing it through a third-party service provider who specializes in this service.

how do I check the status of a car title

For that, you first need to find the VIN of your car. You can find it on the body and frame of your car. Or if you want you can look it up in the owner’s manual, registration papers, or even the insurance paper.

Then you need to simply take up the service of a company that provides MVRs or vehicle history reports. This is a paid service that includes all the information you may need for a car. From title status to brand records and even vehicle registration history. It’s easy to check the title status by VIN because of companies like AutopartsZ and AutoCheck.

These apps serves multiple purposes with competitive price for the vehicle history report. They provide information with a commitment to quality and at a cost-effective rate.

So when you get the report you should check the car’s salvage or rebuilt status and hopefully, it will help you make your decision.

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The New York Special

The methods above hopefully have answered your question “How to check car title?”. You can check any car title through our AutopartsZ app. We are based on New York but our services extend nationwide.

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This is why it is one of the fastest-growing automotive services in not only New York but nationwide. With that being said I will draw the conclusion right here. Let us know if you have a favorite car info app in the market today.

Also, send in your thoughts and suggestions so that we can better tailor the content to your liking. Till next time, See Ya!