If you are in love with cars then you already know who Gordon Murray is. The South-African born British car designer is one of the pioneers of the super/hypercar industry. He has been involved in creating some amazing cars over the years. His cars have always been pushing the boundaries of aerodynamics for more than 5 decades.

His journey in the automotive industry started with Brabham back in 1969 and he hasn’t looked back since. Gordon Murray left Brabham and joined McLaren in 1986 and that’s when everyone saw his innate genius. In 1991 he headed the McLaren’s road-going supercar division till 2004. There he produced his best work.

If you ask anyone what the first road-going supercar is then they will say that its the McLaren F1. The car was revolutionary and Gordon Murray established himself as an artist amongst designers with the F1. In 2007 he founded his company Gordon Murray Design consultancy. The company gave the world T.25 but that was not what car lovers were looking for.

For a long time, there have been rumors that another supercar is coming our way. It was dubbed to be the successor to the McLaren F1 and everyone was going crazy with anticipation. And in 2019 we got a glimpse of what’s to come. And getting a first look at the upcoming supercar from Gordon Murray Design Consultancy it looks like it’s going to be another masterpiece.

While the naming leaves a lot to be desired the design and specs don’t. Like others, before it, Gordon Murray has put a “T” before a number. The new supercar is called Gordon Murray T50. 50 is a nod to his 50 years of involvement in the industry. So let’s get into the details of what the new supercar from Gordon Murray brings to the table.

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Design And Specs

Despite designing cars that perform way beyond your average sports car design has always been the defining aspect of Gordon Murray supercars. The Gordon Murray design philosophy is basically based on aerodynamics. He looks to reduce the drag as much as he can while keeping intact the art of the body itself.

T50 is the same, the aerodynamic design has made everyone’s jaw drop left right and center. Like the F1 the T50 is a 3 seater. It has a V12 engine with revs of up to  12,100rpm. It has an old school manual gearbox and a revolutionary 48V fan in the back that aids in aerodynamics. When the first rearview picture was released we got a glimpse of the 400mm fan and it made everyone go nuts.

However, this was not the first time the veteran car designer used a fan to aid in aerodynamics. He also used it when he designed the Brabham BT46B. He took that idea and seems to have made it 10 times better in this one. The idea was to ensure that the diffuser in the T50 is the most efficient in history. He did it by connecting a powerful fan on the top and installing a few ducts to control the airflow.

With this, the Gordon Murray T50 will most definitely have a greater downforce than any of its peers. Making the balance, handling and braking the best in the business. While the peak numbers for the downforce hasn’t been released but we do know that it has the best downforce management system in the automotive industry.

However, unlike most of its peers, it can limit the downforce for maximum output something that is unheard of in hypercars. Along with its regular mode and high downforce mode, it also has a slipstream mode that drops the drag on the car by 10% which is a massive reduction. The overall design philosophy of Gordon Murray Automotive for this car is to ensure that it weighs in at 980 kgs.

For this reason, every aspect of the car is being carefully selected. Even the weight of the bolts is being considered for this car. With the use of lightweight machinery and this revolutionary aerodynamic design, the T.50 can put out 750 horsepower. When GMA gave the engine requirements to Cosworth they didn’t provide any power landmark but told the engine manufacturer’s that the engine has to be lightweight.

They came up with the naturally aspirated V12 engine. This engine will also power the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Although Gordon Murray T.50’s engine is much smaller and lighter. This engine is almost 60kgs lighter than the F1 engine which is saying something. On top of that, Cosworth has made an engine that provides 28000 revs which is more than the F1 which maxes out at 10K and even more than the amount set by Murray which was 12K.

When driving the engine will have two modes. The Ferrari revs will top out at 9500rpm and the other mode will be maxed out. Gordon Murray is a purist. And being a purist he stayed true to mechanical purity and created a model with a six-speed manual gearbox. This may very well be the last of its kind though.

Initially Gordon Murray Automotive intends on selling 100 T.50s of which almost all have been sold already. According to Gordon, one potential buyer had a problem with the clutch pedal being present.

So if you are thinking about buying a T.50 you are expected to bring a certain level of expertise. It is not like your average hyper-cars in the market. On top of the road-going version, GMA will produce 25 track-only versions of the car. Those models will have motorsport sequential transmissions and will have 3 times more downforce than the road-going T.50.

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A Worthy Successor To The F1

As you can very clearly see why people are falling head over heels for the Gordon Murray T.50. It is the envy of most manufacturers and something only the legendary designer could have created. If you look into it then it most definitely is a worthy successor to the McLaren F1. The design is revolutionary and the performance is mindboggling.

The car is lightweight and fast everything that Mclaren F1 was. This is literally a modern representation of the art that the F1 was. But like any piece of art, it stands its own in the category. We can’t wait for the official release of this highly anticipated hypercar next year.

If it is anything like what the first look indicates then it will most definitely be a highlight of the automotive industry in the coming year. So with that being said, I will bid adieu right here. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the T.50. Till next time, Sayonara!