It's October which means fall has officially arrived. This means pumpkin spiced lattes, a lot of colorful foliage and mild weather. There are plenty of reasons to like fall. Along with all that October is officially car care month.

october fall car care month

With Halloween fast encroaching and winter on its way already there are plenty of things you should checkup. This way you get to prepare your car for winter beforehand so that you face the minimum of problems when old man winter announces his arrival.

Get your car a proper tune-up this October and get rid of any niggling problems that may turn into a headache come December. To help you out on this we here at AutopartsZ have created a basic checklist of things you should checkup this fall. Follow the list below to avoid major problems down the road.

Fluid Checkup

Fluids help with the efficient functioning of your car. So it is imperative that you check out the fluid levels and contamination aspect of the fluids so that all the parts safety can be assured.

From engine oil, power steering, brake, and transmission to windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant check everything and ensure that everything is perfect.

Hoses and Belts Checkup

Hoses and Belts are vital for the movement of the internal parts and the car itself. This means if there are cracks and damage on these then your road safety is at risk.

This fall, make sure that you check the belts and hoses and see if there are cracked, brittle, frayed, loose or showing signs of excessive wear. Because during the harsh winter season they might breakdown completely if damaged now.

Battery Check

The battery is what powers the electrical systems within your car and also other systems. During winter people face battery troubles because they often overlook the niggling problems.

So make sure you utilize the fall car care month to its fullest have the battery checked. Check if the connection is clean, tight and corrosion-free. If it looks like a replacement is imminent then do it don’t wait for winter and save your self some bucks.

Brake Systems Checkup

You don’t need to be told how important brakes are for your car. So do yourself a favor and check the brake linings, rotors and drums. Do this every time you go for an oil check.

fall car care tips

Exhaust System Checkup

The exhaust system can often be overlooked by drivers. But beware this is an important system and niggling problems in this system can eventually lead to a problem and cause severe damages. The breakdown may even be fatal.

For road safety assurances you should get the exhaust system checked this fall. Find out if your car’s exhaust system has any leaks, damage and broken supports or hangers or if there is an unusual noise. Remember this is a serious issue and should be corrected immediately and should be done by a professional.

Checking Engine Performance

The engine is where it's at. And if your car’s engine is suffering then your car will too. It is what is driving your car so it's imperative that you keep it in top shape all the time. During winter the strain on the engine is much more and if your engine has niggling problems then it can cause major breakdown during the harsh winter season.

This is why you should do a full engine checkup. You should check if the engine is providing ample power and fuel economy and producing the lowest level of emissions. If not then you may have some small problems which can be easily fixed by any professional mechanic out there.

Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Check

With winter coming nothing can be more important than keeping the heating, ventilating and cooling systems functioning optimally.

Heating and cooling performance are critical for comfort and interior systems so make sure you do a proper checkup this fall so that you don’t suffer during winter.

Steering and Suspension System Check

Keeping the steering and suspension systems in check is of the utmost importance. This is a vital part of road safety. Before winter comes in you should make sure you check the shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends and other related components.

Tire Check

Tires are often the most ignored part of the car but come winter you will need good tire traction on the road because the condition of the road will be dangerous.

This is why you should do a full tire check this fall. Check the tire pressure and tread. Find out if there is any Uneven wear as it indicates your car needs wheel alignment service. Also, look for bald spots and bulges.

Wipers And Lighting Check

While fall has good weather winter does not. From snowstorms to fog it can be really hard to see during the winter season. This is why you need to make sure that the wipers and lights are in perfect condition to get you through the winter.

Check the interior and exterior lighting for your car and also check the wipers. If they seem worn out replace immediately before winter comes.

Back To The Basics

So there you go, this is the basic checklist you should take care of this car care month. Car care is vital for you and your car. If you ignore niggling problems and I know they are easy to overlook. But if you do that, in the long run, you will suffer.

fall car care checklist

Many of the things here if ignored will turn into an expensive headache in the later months. They can even turn fatal. So make sure you follow the checklist and take proper care of your car. Many of these checkups you can do on your own. For reference, you can check out the Symptoms That Your Car Needs Auto Repair.

If you need the services of the best repair shops around for this then the AutopartsZ app can help you find it. The app has an innovative feature that lets you find local repair shops. Along with that, you will be able to see the customer ratings and estimated price for each repair shop.

With that being said I will draw the curtains on the fall car care checklist.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions on the matter. Also, send us your thoughts and queries so that we have a better understanding of what you want and need. Till next time, See Ya!