As a car owner, there is no avoiding the fact that you will eventually need to take your car to a mechanic. Car repairs are just another aspect of life for car owners. However, you should know how much some basic car repair costs are so that you don’t get overcharged by some mechanic.

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Whether you have an old car or a new one repair costs usually stay the same. Here what I have tried to do is create a list through extensive research and experience. This list contains repair estimates for cars for different parts and aspects of the vehicle.

You can easily use this as a reference point when taking your car to a repair shop. So let’s get into this. Here are car repair costs that have been divided into 3 different price ranges.

Under 500

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There are a few repair and maintenance that cost under 500. One of the first repairs that come to mind is Cabin air filter replacement. As long as you do it regularly its a relatively cheap expense. It will cost you around 25-100 dollars depending on the damage and car you have. Another repair under 500 is the repair cost of Transmission fluid flush.

Repairing this will set you back anywhere between 75 to 150 dollars. Engine coolant temperature sensor replacement is a vital aspect of car repair. You should never ignore this as this could turn into something very fatal later on. This is a relatively affordable repair. It will cost you around 100 to 150 dollars.

Spark plug replacement is pretty easy to do and you can do it yourself which will save you a lot of money. But if you want to go to a repair shop to do it then you should know that it will set you back anywhere between 100-300 dollars. If you see that there are cracks or chips in your front or rear windshield then you may need to get them replaced.

The windshield repair cost is a bit on the expensive side and will cost you anywhere between 100 to 300 dollars. You can find windshields online if you don’t want to go to the auto parts store. I personally go to an online auto parts store called PartzRoot.

PartzRoot has all the necessary body parts that I need and offer relatively competitive prices. So these are the estimates for repairs and maintenance services under 500. So make sure you refer to this whenever you are going to have any of these things worked on.

Under 1000

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So now we will talk about repair estimates that are above 500 but under a thousand dollars. We start this under 1000 list with the radiator repair cost. If you need a Radiator replacement then you should know that it will set you back 500 dollars or a bit more. Next up is water pump replacement.

While the water pump itself will cost you around 70-100 dollars the replacement will cost you a lot more. A standard water replacement service range from 300 dollars and can reach up to 750 dollars even. This is because the replacement and installation process is a very labor-intensive process.

Now we come to tires. Buying and fitting new all-season tires are part of regular maintenance. A set of all-season tires that are new will set you back anywhere between 600-800 dollars. While there are more expensive options out there, this estimate is the average cost of these tires. This will increase more if you are not doing the tire changes yourself.

Next up is the serpentine belt or timing belt. According to industry experts, you should have them replaced every 60,000-105,000 miles or every 6-7 years. This is the most expensive repair estimate on the list of under 1000 repair costs.

Timing or a serpentine belt replacement will set you back anywhere between 500 to 950 dollars. And that concludes our list of repairs cost estimates under 1000 dollars.

Over 1000

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We start now with repair estimates that will cost you one thousand or more than a thousand dollars. We start with the head gasket repair cost. The basic head gasket replacement is a bit on the expensive side. It costs around 1000 to 1500 dollars to get the work done. Next up on the list is Suspension system replacement.

This is a big repair for the car. A basic suspension repair and replacement will and should include shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and tie rods. Make sure that you see if all those are included in the service or not before the mechanic starts working. The price for suspension replacement starts at around 1500 dollars and can reach 3500 dollars even based on the car and materials you have.

Our next repair estimate will be of the Transmission replacement. It usually costs around 1500-3000 dollars and you should make sure you do it when the problem first arises as it can lead to fatalities if left unattended.

That brings us to the final selection of the over 1000 dollars list for car repair cost estimates. The last repair I will mention is the airbags. These are an important part of road safety and should never be ignored.

If you find out that you need airbag replacement then I suggest you consult an expert as soon as possible. A standard airbag replacement can start from 3000 dollars and can reach anywhere up to 6000 dollars.

This is because of the number and location of the airbags and necessary parts pertaining to the repair. Also, the price is dependent on your car’s model and make as well. If you need to find auto parts for your car to replace you can try out an online auto parts store that I use.

PartsCargo is an online store that has a huge inventory that provides you with a variety of OEM and aftermarket auto parts. I also find them relatively cheaper than most out there.

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Find The Right Repair Shop

So these are some of the major car repairs cost you as a car owner should know about. These are pretty important for you as you will have to take your car in at one point for these repairs. Make sure that you find the right repair shop for your car that provides you with premium service and offers the most cost-effective rates.

The AutopartsZ app can help you in this regard. You can look up local repair shops and see the customer ratings and repair estimates through the app before you make your decision. So make sure you do some digging with the AutopartsZ app before you take your car out for repairs.

With that being said I will bring this to a close. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to your input and insight.

This allows us to make informed decisions on how we should tailor the contents. So do send your thoughts in. Till then I bid you goodbye!