Think long and hard how hard your life would be without your car. Yes, you can use public transport but that would kill all the convenience a car gives its owner. Cars are an integral part of our economy, society, and lives.

From going to work to picking up groceries to rushing to get takeaway for dinner. Your car just makes traveling easier for you. But due to this heavy usage, it is exposed to the rigors of driving and harsh weather conditions. This is why like any other machine it wears down. Your car needs replacements and repairs after a certain while.

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To maintain your car performing at its fullest capacity you need to ensure regular car maintenance. So what are the basics you should know about car maintenance? Well, there are a few Auto Maintenance Services that should be performed on a regular basis. They are listed in the following passages.

Oil Change

Our first basic automobile maintenance tip would be the oil change. This is one of the most frequently required services. This is because the oil within the car eventually gets contaminated through use. When that happens the oil does not work efficiently as a lubricant and it needs to be changed.

You should put this in your list of regular car maintenance as you would need to do this every 3000 to 5000 miles. This is a very important part of maintenance as it can even cause the engine to break down. So your safety depends on this as well.

Fluid Flush

Like oil, there are plenty of other fluids your car has to help with its functioning. Fluids like brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and differential fluid.

These fluids over time get contaminated. To have the systems perform efficiently you need to change those fluids at regular intervals.

Transmission Service

Your car’s transmission is a sensitive section of the car. This requires care and servicing to perform efficiently.

Some common maintenance that might come with transmission servicing are fluid flush, pan gasket replacement and if applicable a transmission fluid filter replacement. These will allow your vehicle to shift easily and perform efficiently.

Timing Belt

So this is not for everyone but it is a very necessary step. Not all cars have timing belts, but if you have a car that has one then you need regular maintenance. Timing belts can snap and be destructive to your engine.

Sometimes they can even result in damages that would cause you to rebuild the engine entirely or even buy a new engine. This is why you should maintain regular servicing and replace the timing belt in your car if necessary.


Tune-ups are also known as regular servicing. From time to time your car requires tune-ups in between major service appointments. This will ensure that your car performs smoothly over a period of time.

These are usually smaller quick and easy fixes that can be done on the cheap and many can be done by the owner themselves. Spark plug replacement and air and fuel filter replacement are examples of tune-ups that you may need to conduct in between major servicing appointments.

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30K/60K/90K Car Maintenance Service

There are other maintenance's that need to be followed but they can be categorized under the 30K/60K/90K Car Maintenance Service AKA factory maintenance. These are the scheduled appointments that your car has every 30000 miles. This includes diagnostic work and safety checks among other car maintenance procedures.

So what do these entail? Well, the following passages we will be discussing the details of this pertinent car maintenance service. The first question that should be answered is “Why is factory maintenance so important?”.

Well, there are several reasons why you should make sure you maintain appointments for factory services. They are:


So there is an onus on manufacturers to ensure car safety. This is why many of them impose stipulations where the owner must follow the factory maintenance schedule of 30-60-90K to keep the warranties intact. Failure to do so will result in making the warranties void. So check with your manufacturer or dealership if that is the case or not.

Catching Problems Early:

These 30K maintenance appointments can help you identify problems when they are really small. “Prevention is better than cure” This saying goes perfectly here. Regular car maintenance can help you detect problems early that can lead to significant damages later. Making sure that your car is scheduled for regular car repair and maintenance will help you save thousands of dollars of repair cost later down the road.


Catching problems early not only means that it saves you money but also means your car performs efficiently and well for a longer period of time. This way your car’s lifespan is increased.

Value Retention:

So all the factors lead to this phenomenon. If your car is in good shape then when you want to sell it you will get a better valuation. That is just simple logic.

How to Choose?

So those are the benefits of doing regular 30-60-90K maintenance. Now you maybe wonder what does this factory maintenance include right? Well, it includes a hot of different things including diagnostic and safety checkups. Along with the more regular tune-ups. Some of them are:

  • Spark plugs and/or plug wires replacement.
  • Filter replacement.
  • Fluid Check (brake, coolant, transmission, etc.) and Replacement.
  • Tire rotation and pressure check
  • Oil change
  • Timing belt inspection
  • Brake servicing

So these are some of the things that a repair shop checks when you take your car in for regular maintenance. There is a service that AutopartsZ offers that will help you find local repair shops and provide you with repair estimates from the shops.

This way you can easily find out what you need to do and where you need to go. Finding a good repair shop is imperative as a good repair shop will not force you to make unnecessary repairs. But you should know that if your car has traveled a lot of miles then it would need replacements.

Remember while your warranties may depend on car maintenance but it doesn’t mean the dealership will provide you with repair services. Often times it is alright if you just do the servicing from a certified repair mechanic.

This will not only help you get quality service but also save you from paying a premium on dealership servicing.

Efficiency In Performance

So there you go these are some car maintenance basics that you should know. You should maintain regular checkups and do regular tune-ups to ensure perfect efficiency for your car. These tips if followed will increase the longevity of your car as well.

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However, the car will need replacements eventually, at that moment you can look up different auto parts here in AutopartsZ to compare prices and find the best deals for you. Or you can check the nearest auto parts store or online stores like PartzRoot to help find your replacement part.

So with that being said, I will draw the curtains here. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the comment section below. Also, let us know what you want us to cover next so that we are able to tailor the reading experience to your liking more. Until next time Adios!