You can say that the name Ford is synonymous with the automotive industry. This company played a vital role in shaping automotive history. Ever since the Model T rolled into the streets, Ford has been a mainstay on the list of the best car companies in the world.

ford model car

The Ford badge came into the foray back in the 1920s and within the 80s the iconic F-150 rolled in. And after that the rest is history. With the pickup truck being one the best selling cars in the industry till now.

Even in 2019, the F-150 is the best selling vehicle in the US. You may be wondering, What is the best selling car of all time? Well, for now, that honor goes to the Toyota Corolla. But not trailing far behind is the F-150. Cars like the Corolla, that is with sort of a boring outlook is always favorable on the market.

That’s because of their affordability and performance. Even though the generations of Mustangs represent the most beautiful ford car models they are not the best selling ones. So what are the best selling Ford car models of all time? Well, the following is a list of the 7 best selling Ford Car Models till now.

Ford Transit

ford car models 2019: Ford-Transit

The transit is one of the most iconic American cars out there. Often windowless this utility van was the representation of the working man. The first Ford Transit came out in 1965 and has been grossing good sales numbers throughout.

In 2018 the Transit hit 8.5 million in sales. And it is expected to rise as the Transit has seen a growth of 125000 units per year since 2015.

With the trend moving towards Vans, SUVs, and Pickup trucks it wouldn’t be a surprise if the growth is even bigger than expected.

Ford Mustang

ford car all model: Ford-Mustang

The wild stallion of the American automotive industry is here. That’s right I’m talking about the Mustang. Ever since it came out back in 1964 it has boasted strong sales numbers. You can find a Mustang for every generation.

It is a car that never goes out of style. Within 1968, just 4 years after the car came out the Mustang reached 2 million in sales and in 1973 that number went higher to 5 million. The Mustang enjoyed popularity throughout every decade. From the 70s,80s, and through the 90s. Till now it is one of the best selling muscle cars on the planet.

This popularity enabled it to be named as one of the most iconic muscle cars in the history of the automobile industry. I mean did you see the 2018 Mustang? That car made strides to prove my point that the Mustang never goes out of style.

In 2017 Mustang sales reached the 9.2 million landmark as well making it one of the most sold car models in the world.

Ford Focus

new car models from ford: Ford-Focus

Back in 2013-2014 Ford Focus took the world by storm. All the attention of the automotive world fell upon it as it became the best selling Ford car model two years running. In 2013 there was a huge spike in China for the Ford Focus.

This increase in demand skyrocketed the sales numbers as it sold 1 million units per year for two years straight. After that, the hype did cool down but it has always been a steady performer for the Ford Motor Company.

Ever since the car came out in 1998 the Ford Focus has garnered more than 13 million sold units. Making the model one of the most profitable cars made by Ford.

Ford Fiesta

ford car models in USA: Ford-Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta was launched as a European model. It was launched back in 1976 and has become one of the best selling models in Europe. It is such a big hit that it became the UK’s best selling car ever.

In fact, the market overseas was so big that most of its 16 million sales came from abroad. Nowadays the Fiesta hits around 50000 units sold a year and are basically being phased out in America.

However, it is still one of the best selling subcompact cars in the market and has strong sales numbers everywhere else.

Model T

best ford cars ever: Model-T

Well, the Model T is the most well-known car in the automotive world. Considered by many as the most important car ever made. Henry Ford pioneered the modern car industry with the release of this car.

With 16.5 million units sold in its initial 20-year run and considering its impact on the market or its market share, you would know that it is actually the most successful car ever made. The Model T is what started the automotive boom that we see even today.

By changing the production style of the car Henry Ford made history and he made it with one of the most successful cars ever the Model T.

Ford Escort

American ford car models: Ford-Escort

Now you may think that the Ford Escort is a boring dull car from the 80s and 90s that is not really the case here. The Escort was a huge hit overseas with it selling millions of units. It smashed sales records after sales records in Europe over decades.

Since its initial release in 1968 and its demise in 2002, the Escort sold over 18 million units overseas. On top of that, there were a couple of million in sales here in the US. Altogether if you add up the numbers you will see that the Escort is the best selling passenger car model that Ford has ever had.


Best ford cars: Ford F Series

Well by the time you are done with reading this blog Ford would have sold a few dozen F-150 and a few F-250 and F-350s as well. That’s how popular the F-series really is. The F-150 has been the best selling vehicle in the US for the last 3 years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The F-Series launched back in 1948 with the F-1 and the three-ton -8. Altogether the total sale for these models accumulate to more than 40 million. Making it the most sold car model from Ford.

Parting Words

So there you go these are the best selling car models that Ford has churned out over time. As you can see they are models you are familiar with. With new technology integration and the comfort that Ford offers it doesn’t look like the company will fade into the back seat.

Let us know in the comments below whether you drive a Ford or not. And also tell us if you actually like the company or prefer other manufacturers.

We look forward to your thoughts and suggestions so send us your ideas and we will utilize them so that we can tailor content more to your liking. Till then, See Ya!.