The humble pickup truck has long been a symbol for working-class Americans. Over the years this affiliation gave it a cult-classic status. Nowadays, trucks make up more than 60% of the US market share.

This is happening due to the recent surge in popularity for SUVs and pickup trucks. The F-150 has been dominating the sales for some years now beating other popular automobiles. This sudden resurgence of the pickup trucks has manufacturers scrambling for a place in the market.

best pickup truck

In recent years many of the big manufacturers have been churning out really good pickup trucks that cater to a lot of needs. From the Ranger to Dodge to Toyota everyone is bringing their A-game when developing pickup trucks.

Now you may be thinking “What is the best pickup truck in 2019?”. Well, the best truck in 2019 is the Dodge Ram 1500. But that’s only my opinion. Check out our extensive list of 7 of the best pickup trucks in 2019 that are causing waves in the market.

Best Pickup Truck List 2019:

Ford Ranger

best pickup truck 2019

So the resurrection of the Ford Ranger in recent years has been nothing short of amazing. While it was discontinued for a while it came back with a bang and the 2019 model is an impressive example.

With a price starting from 24,300 dollars it may not be the cheapest option but it offers a lot of amenities and features that make it an amazing driving experience. The 2019 Ranger has a host of features that aid in driving. It has Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety suite, voice controls, navigation system with real-time alerts.

And if you need a bit more space and full-size rear doors then you can choose the extended cab version. This model also comes with heated seats for those cold morning commutes to the office. Although you need to choose that option to get it.

The Ranger has a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine unit that produces 270 horsepower that provides you with V6 power with a 4 cylinder engine. While many people believe that you can either have efficiency or power the ranger provides you with both.

The mileage on this beast is 21/26 mpg which is more than many in its class. Along with these things the new Ford Ranger comes with a plethora of state of the art safety features.

It includes features like a rearview camera, pre-collision system with forward collision warning alert, automatic emergency braking, and trailer coverage. This provides you a safe powerful and efficient ride that you can rely on time and again.

Chevrolet Colorado

best small pickup truck

The Chevrolet Colorado may very well be one of the best midsize pickup trucks in the market today. The 2019 model starts at an affordable price of 21,300 dollars. This pickup truck offers great value for money with its performance and features.

It offers one of the smoothest and comfiest rides you can hope for in a pickup truck. The model also hosts leather upholstery and heated front seats for those who need it. The standard version uses a 4 cylinder engine which produces 181 horsepower which is ample power for a pickup truck.

But if you need more power then you can check out the V6 version which churns out 308 horsepower. The standard engine has a 20/26 mpg which is amazing for a pickup truck. However, the V6 version only provides you with 18/25 mpg.

All this power and efficiency are combined with a host of safety features. It has features like rearview camera, traction control, electronic stability control, forward collision alert, and lane departure warning. This is what makes it stand out in its class.

Toyota Tacoma

pickup truck with best gas mileage

If you are thinking about the most capable and well-equipped pickup truck then the Toyota Tacoma may be the perfect choice for you. With a slight high base price of 25,850 dollars, it may seem an expensive option but I guarantee you that it is worth the buy.

With outstanding off-road capabilities and a fun user-friendly infotainment system built-in it is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the market. The standard 4 cylinder engine on the Tacoma produces 159 horsepower and the V6 produces 278 horsepower.

The standard engine provides you with 20/24 mpg and the V6 17/20 mpg. So the choice is yours you can either choose the economical standard 4 cylinder version or the powerful V6. Toyota is known for its safety features and they have jam-packed the 2019 Tacoma with safety features.

With features like forward collision warning, stability control, blind-spot monitoring, and pedestrian detection it sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. The pedestrian detection feature is setting new industry standards as it is mostly absent from pickup trucks. So you see the 2019 Tacoma is one of the best off-roading compact pickup trucks available in the market.

Honda Ridgeline

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The Honda Ridgeline comes at a slightly expensive price of 29,990 dollars but trust me; it’s one of the best pickup trucks out there. The interior has premium quality upholstery and is well furbished giving it a well-refined outlook. You can say that the Honda Ridgeline is the only pickup truck in this list that offers you a V6 engine that generates 280 horsepower.

It provides you ample mileage as well, with it giving you anywhere between 19 to 26 mpg. Honda has been a pillar in the automotive community when it comes to safety features. And the Ridgeline is no different and has a host of different safety features making the driving experience smoother and safer.

The 2019 Ridgeline comes with adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, and lane-keep assists. All these prove that Honda is still to its identity and they have delivered one of the best pickup trucks in the market while being true to their brand values.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2019 best pickup truck

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that has set the market alight in 2019. This is a capable, better-equipped pickup truck than most in its class. Being a full-size truck means that it is a bit expensive with the base price set at 28,300dollars. The Silverado comes with a CornerStep rear bumper which allows you to get into the bed of the truck easily.

The interior is spacious as you would expect from a full-size pickup truck. With large seats for maximum comfort and an ergonomic infotainment system. The Silverado 1500 comes with 3 different engine options. First, you can get the V6 engine which produces 285 horsepower and a 20/23 mpg.

Or you can go for the standard V8 which gives you 355 horsepower. But if you are still not satisfied with the power then there is an optional V8 engine that gives you 420 horsepower which should plenty to satiate your craving for power. The V8 engines provide you with a solid 16/20 mpg which is good for a full-size truck which is this powerful.

From blind-spot monitoring, low-speed automatic braking, following distance indicator, and a safety alert driver seat the Silverado has a plethora of amazing safety features. This makes it one of the best full-size pickup trucks in the market. The Silverado offers you power, panache, and safety.

Ford F-150

best midsize pickup truck

Well as you already may know the F-150 full-size pickup truck from Ford is the best selling car on the market today. It is practical, stylish, and comfortable to drive. The interior of the F-150 is exquisite with it providing you a comfortable and spacious layout inside.

If you are looking to get one then you should know that the base price for this will set you back 28,155 dollars. F0rd F-150 comes with a host of different engine options you can choose from. From the 250 horsepower V6 to the 450 horsepower turbocharged V6 you can choose whatever you need according to your power requirements.

Along with power it also provides ample mileage like a top-rated pickup truck. From the 2019 F-150, you can get anywhere from 19 to 25 mpg. One of the features it champions is its 360-degree camera which gives you the view of all of your surroundings along with a birds-eye view of the pickup truck itself.

Along with that forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, trailer coverage and automatic emergency braking making it one of the safest automobiles on the market. If you look at the F-150 you will see that it literally lacks nothing and excels at almost all criteria.

Dodge Ram 1500

best full size truck 2019

While the F-150 may be the best selling car on the road today but the best pickup truck title goes to the 2019 Ram 1500. It has won many accolades from all around and most experts will tell you it is the best full-size pickup truck in 2019.

However, it faces steep competition from the F-150 because of the Ram 1500’s slightly higher base price of 31,795 dollars. Like the Silverado, it offers the riders easy access to the cabin by including a CornerStep rear bumper in the design.

The Ram 1500 exudes quality, comfort, and power. Ram is known for its power and capability. And the 2019 Ram 1500 is no different. The standard V6 engine will give you 305 horsepower while the V8 will provide a mammoth 395 horsepower.

Even though the Ram 1500 is a full -size pickup truck it offers great mileage on the standard V6. On the V6 you can get up to 20/25 mpg. While this efficiency has been sacrificed for the V8 and it has been compensated with raw power.

The V8 will only give you 15/21 mpg. The Ram 1500 boasts over a hundred different features making it a very safe and technologically adept pickup truck in the market.

Some of its most prominent features are the 360-degree camera and blind-spot monitoring, guided parking, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning. All these factors go into making it one of the best pickup trucks in 2019 if not the best.

The Right Pickup Truck For You

So there you go. That’s our list of the best pickup trucks in 2019 that are causing waves in the market. If you are in the market for a new truck do check them out. Trust me these are the best of the bunch and you cannot go wrong in choosing any of them. If you are interested then check out the most popular car brands in the USA.

But if you feel like you need more options then you should obviously check some other great pickup trucks on the market. If you already have a pickup truck and need auto parts then you can check online to find your parts from an extensive list of pickup truck parts; both OEM and aftermarket at the most competitive price. From online you can also order wholesale auto body parts for your truck.

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