Cars are a part of our culture. It seems as if gasoline is en-grained in our DNA. The automotive industry has become more than an economic driver and has become something of a passion for people. This is why there are plenty of car shows all around the country and the world. These are the best way to keep up to date with the automotive industry.

best car shows

These shows are the best way for any customer and enthusiast to learn and know about the upcoming technologies and innovations. They can follow their favorite brands and find out what they have in store next. They can learn about new versions of the cars and models the brands are coming out with as well.

However, the choices for car shows are plenty. Now it's not possible to go to every car show that happens throughout the year. So ideally you would wanna go to the best car shows in the US. What are the best car shows? You may be wondering now. Well, here are 10 of the best car shows in the US that you should visit.

Capitola Car Show in California

This car show follows the coastline from Santa Cruz boardwalk down to Capitola. Their exhibition has from custom cars, hot rods, roadsters, muscle cars, and antique cars. You can enjoy the walk down the coastline while marveling at the cars in the exhibition.

best car shows in the us: Capitola Car Show

It's a weekend-long show and it has much more than just. It's more like a festival for cars with great music, and restaurants. You can easily plan a fun day on the beach to enjoy some good music and also enjoy fantastic cars all around. So make sure you go the next time the Capitola Car Show when it’s on.

Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim, California

Established in 1996, the Anaheim convention center in California hosts the auto show every year. A relatively new car show but it has been attracting more and more people every year. Which is why brand executives don’t miss out on showing up.

best car show in the world: Orange County Auto Show

You can find every sort of car here from new vehicles and custom cars to exotic automobiles. There is something for every car enthusiast in this car show. Big manufacturers like Chrysler, Ford, and Suzuki use it as a platform and generate business from this show.

And this gives car enthusiasts like me and you an opportunity to talk to the executives about our favorite cars. The four-day-long auto show is one of the best shows you can go to in the country and you shouldn’t miss it.

Charlotte Auto Fair

This is one of the biggest and best car show in the continental US. It is North Carolina’s biggest auto show as well and is held twice every year. Car enthusiasts from all over flock here twice a year to look at, buy or sell exceptional cars, supplies, restoration parts for unique antique vehicles, etc.

the best car shows: Charlotte Auto Fair

vendors in the auto show can get corral spaces for their cars. This way the customers can come in to get a closer look at the cars and may even get a test drive opportunity. The show also hosts an auction event where buyers can bid on exotic/custom/classic cars that they want.

It's a family-friendly event and has NASCAR simulator with auto inflatables for kids, So if you are planning to go the show make sure you make it a family event. Everyone can enjoy it. The spring show is much bigger and if you can try to go to the spring show.

Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona

Launched in 1949 this is the oldest operating exhibition of customized vehicles in the U.S. People from all over the country to watch the show. If you like classic roadsters or if you are enthusiastic about custom cars then this show is for you.

10 of the best car show: Grand National Roadster Show

This is considered one of the best car shows in the US as it hosts 500 or more cars competing for a variety of different awards. So be sure to check it out.

Chicago Auto Show

The McCormick Place convention complex holds the Chicago Auto Show annually. It is currently the longest-running and the biggest car show in the State. Anything car related and you can bet that you will find it there.

best car shows in America: Chicago Auto Show

The show even has indoor test tracks where professional drivers take you along to give you different experiences. This is one of the most popular auto shows in the world as people from all over the country and the world flock here every year.

Every year there are about 1 million visitors in the Chicago Auto Show. So if you are looking to go to an auto show make sure you go to this one. It's a spectacle that you don’t want to miss.

Los Angeles Auto Show

This show is a hundred and ten years old and is held every year at the LA Convention Center. It is widely considered to be the best car show in California and one of the best car show in the world.

best classic car shows in the us: Los Angeles Auto Show

For ten straight days, the 760,000 square feet of exhibition space is open to the public to indulge in their automotive cravings. The auto show is divided into separate events that happen on allotted time frames.

Some days the auto show is strictly open to the press and other days to the public and there are days when they reveal new models etc. This is a great place to get starstruck, as well as a lot of celebrities, come to the show.

New York International Auto Show in New York

Every year the Jacob Javits Convention Center holds the New York International Auto Show. The car show is an annual event that has been going on since 1900 in the city that never sleeps.

best cars at NY auto show: New York International Auto Show

It hosts a lot of different events within the show. From sneak peeks to concepts to charity gala every event is open to the public. You can find every brand executive attending the event and it is considered as one of the best car show in the world. So make sure that you check out the event in April.

North American International Auto Show in Detroit

The motor city hosts arguably the best car show in the world. Every year in January the North American International Auto Show is held in Detroit. Every manufacturer major to startup makes sure that they are here to present their cars here.

best new cars at Detroit auto show: North American International Auto Show

The entire world keeps an eye on this show so everyone scrambles here to gain some international clout. From concepts, innovations, to new reveals and model upgrades. You can find every sort of car right here. This auto show is considered as “The” platform for automobiles.

The car show every year has over 700 cars on display and hosts award ceremonies in multiple categories find out the best car and truck of the past year. If you have a choice of going to one auto show then I would most definitely suggest, going to this one.

Roam Around

There you go those are my 8 choices for the best car shows that you should visit. There are plenty of great auto shows scattered throughout the US and the world. So make sure you make a checklist of places you wanna hit.

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So with that being said, I will say my goodbye. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and suggestions so that we can improve our the material and tailor it more to your liking. Till next time, Seeya!