So 2020 has been sort of a down year, huh? You may be looking to change things up now because you need something to change after being under a lock-down for so long.

Now, if you are looking to do something for your car, then wrapping it might be an excellent option for you. So what is a car wrap? Well, to put it simply, it's a large sheet of vinyl film with a unique adhesive that sticks closely to a surface when properly applied.

Wrapping your car is a tricky process that requires precise measurement and careful design to ensure that car wrap appears smooth and supple.

It's not easy to make sure a car wrap appears smooth and supple. The goal is to wrap the car so that there are no bulges and no bulkiness. Just a velvety sheen that can be seen for miles.

The function of a car wrap can range from changing up your style to advertising your business. Now that you know what a car wrap is, let's talk about how much it can cost to wrap your car.

We will talk about the different car wraps and the average cost to wrap a vehicle, and some other things about car wraps. So let's start by talking about the types of car wrapping options you can look up for your car.

Different Types of Vehicle Wrapping

Choosing your car wrapping options usually varies according to your needs. Now different companies offer different types of solutions when it comes to vehicle wrapping.

Large companies typically provide a lot more variety when it comes to wrapping choices than a smaller vehicle wrapping company. Now, there are limitless options for car wrapping, but we listed the two most popular ones here.

3M Vinyl Wrap Film Series

3M Vinyl Wrap Film series is a premium car wrap option for car owners. These wraps offer versatility, ease of installation and are made with premium quality materials.

There are plenty of choices for you, ranging from Matte, Satin, Gloss, Straight Fiber, Carbon Fiber, to Brushed Metal. What this means is that you can custom wrap every inch of your vehicle.

Matte Wrapping

If your goal is to make your car more aesthetically pleasing, then Matte Wrapping is what you need. Now the matte wrapping process is the same as vinyl wrapping, but the outcome is much more stylish than the other solution.

If you don't want a sheen to your wrapping, then the matte wrapping is perfect for you. It's much more muted and if you're going to use darker colors when wrapping your car for a much more aesthetically muted look, then check out different matte wrapping options available.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap Your Car?

As we have said already, there is no shortage of choices regarding wrapping your car. There are pros and cons for every vehicle wrapping solution, with the price changing according to aesthetic presence and materials used.

Finding the average cost of car wrapping can be tricky as you can be charged on a per square feet scale or be charged a flat fee. Now the most common pricing strategy is to use the per square feet model, but you will be able to find plenty of companies who offer wrapping solutions with a flat fee.

So we cannot list the endless car wrap options, but here are four of the most popular car wrapping solutions and their price range.

Average Vinyl Matte Car Wrapping Cost

Matte wrapping is a ubiquitous option for car owners who want to establish their sense of style. So it's no surprise that vinyl matter wrapping is a popular option for car owners.

Vinyl matte wrapping is often considered a luxurious option, and the average cost usually ranges from 2 dollars to 3.50 dollars. That means wrapping a mid-size four-door sedan can cost you around 2000 dollars and raise even more according to the car's size.

Average Chrome Car Wrapping Cost

Chrome wrapping is a luxurious car wrapping option if you want to stamp your style when riding your car.

This wrapping solution is a bit more expensive than the vinyl matte option, with the price being around 8 dollars per square foot and upwards depending on the quality of chrome used.

Average Vinyl Gloss Wrapping Cost

Vinyl gloss wrapping is one of the best bang for the buck car wrapping solutions for car owners. If done correctly, your car will look like it has a luxurious finishing while being affordable for most car owners.

It's a cost-effective way to increase your vehicle's aesthetic value, with the car wrapping solution price ranging anywhere from 1.50 dollars to 3.50 dollars per square feet.

Average Carbon Fiber Wrapping Cost

If you are a car wrapping enthusiast, then odds are you know about carbon fiber car wrapping, and that's what you are thinking about getting.

It's not that expensive and often falls on a sweet spot that makes it the right choice for car owners. The average cost of a carbon fiber car wrapping ranges from 3 dollars to 7 seven dollars per square feet.

Factors That Determine The Wrap Cost For A Car

As you can see, different car wrap solutions have different costs, and it can vary from company to company. Here are some factors that play a hand in determining the cost of car wraps:


You know this already. Brands play a significant role in determining the price of something. That same logic goes for car wrapping.

The average cost of wrapping a car can change as you shift from one brand to another. That happens because of the change in the finishing or quality of materials. However, there is a car wrapping brand for everyone, and there is a wrap for every budget.

Type Of Service You Choose

Choosing where you buy your product plays a vital role in determining how much the cost of wrapping your car will be.

When you choose a brand like Anderson Dennison, then odds are you will end up paying a lot for car wraps, but if you go with a service you found on eBay, the cost will be less.

According to our estimate, the average price of car wraps on eBay is around 300 dollars. However, like with most things on eBay, you won't determine the quality of the material and the service.

Doing your research before buying the product is the best way to ensure you don't buy a low-quality car wrap.

Finding The Best Car Wrap

Finding The Best Car Wrap - AutopartsZ

So as you can see, those are the average cost of wrapping your car in the most popular categories. Now, we can't guarantee the prices right here, but we can say with certainty that it falls in these ranges.

Hopefully, this will help you out in your quest to find how much it can cost to wrap a car. To find the best fit, however, we suggest you go and do your research.

You will be able to find the perfect solution if you look a little bit hard. And with that being said, we are done about the cost of a car wrap now.

If you have any queries, then feel free to drop them in on the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We will come back with something new from the world of the automotive industry soon. Until then, see ya!