Sometimes bad things happen. Even if you have been careful and the perfect driver accidents and collisions happen. Collisions may happen because of the road conditions or weather conditions or animals and birds may cause and sometimes people on the road.

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You may not really be at fault but that doesn’t mean its unavoidable. So yeah accidents happen. Your car may get damaged and you need to go for auto repairs. Your insurance company might suggest some auto repair shops.

But how do you know the right auto repair cost for your car? How do you find out the auto repair cost estimate that is reasonable? Well, if you didn’t know before then now you will. We have created a list of tips to help you find the right auto repair shop.

So without any delay lets look at the factors into what makes for a great auto repair shop for your car.

I-CAR Gold Certification

When you need repairs it is imperative that you look for repair shops that follow industry procedures and standards, employ skilled and certified technicians, and utilize modern equipment. So how do you do that?

Well, you look for Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair or I-Car certification. They are a non-profit organization that heads the collision repair industry. What they do is basically offer training and courses to individuals and repair shops.

They provide education on the latest updates and methodologies in auto repair. I-CAR is considered the industry standard for any repair shop that offers collision repair services. Finding a repair shop that has gold certification from I-CAR means that you are getting service that is of the highest level of skill, training, and excellence.

This is why most experts in the industry and us here at AutopartsZ suggest you go to an I-CAR gold certified repair shop for the repairs.

Consider Your Dealership

The technicians and personnel in a dealership are all up to date on relevant technologies and methods. They receive the latest training and information about the industry. This allows their technicians to provide consistent and professional service of the highest quality.

On top of that, the technicians and painters from the dealerships will have had ample experience working with the make and model of your car and will know it better than other technicians that you may come across.

This is why you should consider using the dealership as the personnel there work with the make and model of your car on a regular basis, unlike other auto repair shops.

Get An Idea About The Repair

One of the best way to determine the quality of the repair is to find out what similar repairs when done perfectly looks like. Look at videos and ask the community to find out what people who have done similar repairs say about the repairs.

This way when you get the repairs done you will basically know what the repaired car should look like. But as general red flags, you can look for unevenness and imperfections on the side of the car, or see if the color match and check the door gaps as well.

Compare Estimates

The repair cost estimate for a car may vary from repair shop to repair shop. Factors like cost of labor, size of the shop, and available equipment go into determining the cost. You will see that different places may give you different repair cost estimates.

This is why you should get an idea of what should be done to your car. Often times you will see that repair shops even have different approaches some may suggest replacement while others can just repair. So check out different shops and technicians to find out the best possible solution for you. Then check out the places which offer the solutions.

Finding the best repair cost estimate will only depend on the factor of what type of solution you need. Once you focus on it then finding repair shops that offer that service will be easy. Then once you have found shops that offer those services, check their pricing. Then compare the repair estimates to find the perfect one for you.

A line by line comparison ensures that you don’t overpay for a service. AutopartsZ has made it easy by integrating this within our service. The AutopartsZ app allows you to look up auto repair shops in your local area and displays the customer ratings and the repair estimate for the service you are looking up.

Now you don’t have to search the local listings. Just simply download the app, select the service and see the auto repair cost estimates by repair shops near you.

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Find The Right Service

So these are some tips that will help you find the right place which will provide you premium service at the most cost-effective rate. So do make sure to use these tips to determine the cost of repair. If you need car body parts then you can visit PartzRoot where they offer a variety of body parts at competitive prices.

For my auto parts needs, I go to PartsCargo because of their large inventory of OEM and aftermarket auto parts. On top of that, they offer competitive pricing on their products. This way I can exercise more control over what goes into making my car whole again.

Or just simply use the AutopartsZ app to find your basic auto body parts and order from home. It’s really up to you. With that being said I draw the conclusions right here. Let us know in the comments below if you have any special tricks for auto repair cost estimates. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions so send them in. Till next time, over and out!