You use your car regularly so the fact that it needs regular maintenance isn’t something out of the ordinary. If you want your car to perform optimally then maintenance is a must. Also, small damages are the norm in daily driving.

All this may accumulate into you needing a replacement for auto parts. So what do you do? You buy auto parts of course! But do you buy it on your own? Or do you let your mechanic buy it for you? Well, if you let the mechanic buy the auto parts there is always a chance of being overpriced. So the best option is to find the auto parts yourself wheather it is OEM or Aftermarket.

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But if you have no experience in buying auto parts then you might get duped to pay a premium on the parts. You can even buy your auto parts in an auto parts website but if you don’t know about the sector then you can easily overpay. For example, there are trim pieces that cost 5 dollars in reality but retail counters would actually put the price at 5000% more.

So what do you do? How do you buy auto parts without getting ripped-off? Well, if you follow the steps that will be stated down below you will be able to navigate your way out of the confusion.

Research Is the Key

Knowing which parts to get where they can be found and their original OEM number is how you should start. Then you can use a variety of websites online to research and find out about what you exactly need. For any information and research on auto parts the general consensus is that you visit either or eBay. Now you may be wondering, eBay?

Well yeah, eBay has reinvented itself as a auto parts juggernaut in recent years with them dedicating an entire website for everything automotive called eBay Motors. There are steps in finding a part. First go to then look for the part you want there is a filter option, use that. Then find the distance option and then locate the nearest shops in your area.

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You can even just put in the term “auto parts near me” and it will show you a list of all the auto parts store in your area. If you want to find the best online auto parts website, then you can easily search for it in any search engine. However, eBay is a safe choice and has a vast inventory for auto parts. If you are looking to have it delivered, then you can go to eBay.

There do the same search and then filter through “Pricing + Lowest Shipping”. Remember often times parts can take more than a month to get delivered. So make sure you pay attention to the fine prints about shipping. If you don’t want to use eBay then there are plenty of other specialized auto parts stores out there to help you out. You can try one of those websites out if you want.

Parts Verification

Before you buy any auto parts whether it is from an auto parts website or from your local dealership you should always make sure you have the right part number. This is vital as not all cars use the same parts. In some cases, you will see that specific models use different parts as they have different engine and transmission combinations. If you do not use the specific part according to the number, then you will run into a host of problems.

You will find out that a host of your car’s systems are affected. Systems starting from computers, modules, and sensors, to more basic items like alternators and starters can be affected. So it is imperative you find the specific part number for your car. You can always call up your dealership and ask. If you don’t want to do that then you can even contact the manufacturer who will be able to help you out on this issue.

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Remember if you don’t get the right part then any trouble that will follow will only be of your making so be careful when ordering the parts. Once you are done you can easily order the parts on a cheap in online websites. There are auto parts websites that offer discounts.


You can easily negotiate the price in local shops if you are buying used parts for replacements. Most shops will hear you out. But remember they know everything. If you are trying to jerk him around regarding the price he may do that to you as well. So, to do this first make sure you study up and then go to the shop.

After that make sure you are going to a place that offers the most reasonable price. Sometimes it helps if you tell the people that you did your research on the part in car-part website. Often times you will see buyers who are trying to be smart by lowering the price way too much without seeing the quality.

Now you can’t compare apples and oranges can you? Remember if you compare a 20000 mile traveled part with a 200000 mile traveled part then you are bound to irritate the seller. Negotiate never haggle for price.

Never Use Craigslist

Well, I didn’t want to use this as a point but I have seen many buyers go to craigslist to look for auto parts. Remember craigslist is not an auto parts website. They will not provide you with any guarantees or any other sort of protection. In my experience people are mostly cheated out of their money when buying from craigslist.

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So make sure you don’t use it as a source for your auto parts. There are plenty of other cheap auto parts websites out there. Look into those.

Look for Sites with Discounts & Coupons

Auto parts can be expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the advent of the internet there are now many online auto parts stores that offer a cheaper option. There are plenty of websites that offer great discounts and coupons. Websites like PartsCargo offer you up to 25% discount on auto parts if you subscribe to their newsletter.

There are plenty of other websites like this you can find. There are websites that specifically will help you find coupons on auto parts as well. Bobistheoilguy is a website that will help you find rebates and discounts for your car auto part.

However, make sure you go to good websites. Often times cheap websites can deceive you into taking money and provide bad service and products. So you should additionally do website research if you are ordering online.

Ask The Community

The automotive community is a collection of amazing people. Whenever you cannot find a part or need any sort of suggestion you can simply ask the community and they can help you with the problem. People from all across the US will be willing to help you through your parts finding quest.

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For any model or make you can connect with people and locate whatever you need locating. If they cannot help themselves, they will refer you to someone who can. So make sure you enlist the help of the community when you are having a hard time.

Finding The Right Auto Parts

So there you go these are somethings you should remember and check whenever you are buying auto parts. Remember research is key. Find good auto parts store that offer a cheaper rate but also quality product. If you are buying from a website, then make sure it has a good reputation in customer service.

There are plenty of companies out there, companies like PartzRoot are relatively new but has quality auto parts. You can find many auto parts finder like this which has a vast inventory and offers a lower price. Now, all you have to do is order part.

With that being said this is where we say goodbye. Make sure to let us know how you liked it and what else you want us to cover. We are eager to hear your thoughts on the content. Till next time, See Ya!