Cars have been a part of human history fairly recently but they have changed human civilization and fast-tracked our development. The humble automobile has evolved a lot since it’s inception back in the late 1800s.

best selling cars

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen is thought to be the first production automobile. It was built back in 1865. However, the complete commercial success didn’t come until the model T was introduced back in 1908 by the Ford Motor Company. Nowadays, we accept cars as just a normal part of our lives.

From the Volkswagon Beetle to Toyota Corolla the world has no shortage of cars to choose from. Our economy depends on vehicles and cars. And like most people you and I are no different. So, you may be wondering what the best selling cars are. Well, the best selling car of all time is the Toyota corolla.

If you are looking for something recent then here are 10 of the best selling cars in 2019 till now. What you will see here is that people have moved on from the sedans to SUVs, Hatchbacks, and Trucks as the taste of the consumer has evolved. So the following list will be of the 10 best selling cars of 2019 till now. The list is numbered with the lowest units sold being the first.

Number 10

best selling car of all time: Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is the best selling car model of all time with it selling more than 44.1 million units within 2016. It’s a reliable sedan that everyone knows and trusts. However, due to a change in the market, the overall sales of sedans are falling.

And the Corolla was affected by it as well. Toyota has revamped the design to shed its nameplate of boring and generic but it is still suffering from a 5% decline in numbers from 2018. With that being said it still makes the list because it has already sold over 152000 units till now.

Number 9

what is the best selling car of all time: Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is the second entry in this list. The Civic now outsells the Honda Accord by some distance and is constantly widening the gap. Most probably this happens because of the different varieties of body types the Civic can offer the customers.

And even has high-performance models for the Civic. This Honda model is one of the best selling cars in the world. However, its sales are down by 5% since last year even though Honda doesn’t break down the sales numbers for the sedan, coupe, hatchback, Si, and Type R versions. Till now the Honda Civic has sold more than 169000 units.

Number 8

best selling car in America: Chevrolet Equinox

So the next entry on our list of best-selling cars of 2019 is the Chevrolet Equinox. The sales of this model have picked up significantly since last year. Now it stands in the conversation of best-selling cars with its rivals the such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

Even though the Equinox has seen an 11% increase in sales and has sold more than 174000 units. It still lags behind the aforementioned rivals who have sold a considerable amount more than the Chevy Equinox.

Number 7

best selling vehicle in America: Nissan Rogue and Sport

The fourth entry on our list is the Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport. This crossover model from Nissan had a really strong start back in 2018. And even though it has had a 19% decrease in sales it still is one of the best selling cars around. However, you should remember that when you see sales numbers for the Rogue you are looking at the number for all rogue models. Meaning that you see the combines sales numbers from the Rogue and the smaller, subcompact Rogue Sport. Nissan reveals the numbers together and according to recent reports they have sold more than a hundred and seventy-five thousand units.

Number 6

best selling cars of all time USA: Toyota Camry

Our fifth entry into the list is the Toyota Camry. This is Toyota’s perennially strong selling mid-sized sedan. The Camry still retains its position as the best-selling passenger car in the United States.

Even after a 2% decrease in sales, it is still out-selling other models even if only barely. However, the numbers can still spike up and we can only tell about its sales condition after the year has ended. This year more than 176000 Camry units have been sold.

Number 5

best way to sell a car: Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is the next entry on our list. While it is the best selling Honda model in 2019 by some distance it is still not doing as better as last year.

It has over 177000 units sold already but has seen a 1.5% decrease in its numbers compared to last year. This is because people are choosing other crossover vehicles over it.

Number 4

best place to sell car online: Toyota RAV4

Toyota models always dominate any list for best-selling cars. One of the frequent models to make the list is the Toyota RAV4. Last year the RAV4 became the best-selling non-truck in the US. This year with its sales up by 1% from 2018 it seems that it will retain its title.

The newly redesigned fifth-generation RAV has been received well by the consumers and has already sold over 200000 units. Now you know why the RAV4 was added to our list of best-selling cars in 2019.

Number 3

best selling cars 2019 USA: Chevrolet Silverado

If you have looked at any list for the best selling cars over the last year then you must have seen the Chevrolet Silverado. This truck has been occupying the number 2 spot for the best selling car in the US for quite some time now.

However, 2019 seems to be a bad year for Chevy's light- and heavy-duty pickups. This year sales have dropped 9% for the light-duty model while the heavy-duty model has seen a decrease of 20%.

This coincided with a surge in sales number for Ram pickups and the Ram pickup range has surpassed the Silverado back in June. However, its numbers are still strong with the Silverado selling more than 25600 units till now.

Number 2

best selling car in America 2019: Ram 1500

When the new Ram 1500 got introduced it immediately got featured in the Best Trucks and SUVs coming in 2019 lists across the internet. And the consumers seem to think so too. From the newly redesigned heavy-duty to the entire Ram pickup range all seem to be doing really well in sales.

Sales for the Ram pickup range this year has skyrocketed to 28% more than last year. And it has blown past the Chevy Silverado back in June and now holds as the 2nd silver in most units sold.

Ram pickup trucks have sold more than 299000 units till now. No one can contest the reasoning behind including this pickup range in the list with these numbers.

Number 1

best selling car 2019: Ford F-Series

The number one best selling car in 2019 till now is the Ford F-Series. With heavy changes in the product line from the rivals like  Ram, Chevrolet, and GMC have dampened the sales number this year.

They are still the best around even though they have remained the same while the competition has been tweaking and changing their pickup range both heavy-duty and light-duty. The Ford F-Series trucks have outsold every other car this year till now and have sold more than 448000 units till now.

It's Not Over Yet

best selling cars of all time USA

So there you go, this is the list of best-selling cars in 2019. However, the year is still not over and the race to be the best selling car is still going on as we speak. So look out at the end of the year to find out who won this race of selling the most units.

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But one more thing before ending this. Please do comment below how you liked the list and write down your thoughts and suggestions about what we should do in the future. We look forward to hearing from you and we value your opinion the most. Till next time, Seeya!